today was my last day of physical therapy

mystical Paid Member
I cant put full weight on my finger, I have been doing pole rows, pole push, internal and external rotation. my question is which lesson will help strengthen my finger, hands and shoulders? my grip in my left hand is 405 MY RIGHT HAND IS 65%

I have been using putty to strengthen cause my physical therapy said it will be the best option.

My left shoulder getting a little stronger to cause i wasn't using it during my finger being stiff. My scapula is very weak in my left shoulder so trying to strengthen it
Mar 1, 2023
mystical Paid Member
its suppose to say 40% not 405
Mar 1, 2023
Sure, here are a few hand strength exercises []

This is a routine you can follow for just hands and wrists []

Congrats on finishing PT and please done hesitate to ask if you need any other help. Nice to see you back.
Mar 2, 2023
mystical Paid Member
Thank you so much Veena
Mar 3, 2023
PoleAdventures Paid Member
Welcome bach mystical!
Hopefully you can do pole soon! I feel you, I hurt my tfcc in the wrist a year ago.
Take your time, you will rock this!
Mar 4, 2023
Loving the 30 day takeoff.. just what I needed to get out of a rut! I find the daily routines perfect in length and intensity and a great way to shakeup a stagnant workout routine. Plus, now I am limber and warmed up to do some practicing
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