Workout accountability Thread

Join me! Check-in each time you workout! This of course includes pole practice, strength training, yoga, hula hooping, swimming. Whatever your workout was that day!

You can share what you did, post a photo, video or just type DONE!

Having a thread like this can help us stay connected and motivated. I'm planning on sharing a bit about my mood and what I worked on as well.

Example: My workout from yesterday: I decided I wanted to set up a 45mm pole because I only have a 38 and 40 up right now and some tricks are better on different diameters. Well, this took me an hour and a half!! I had to dig through all my poles and when I thought I had one, then I realized it was too short! Grrrr I finally got my old TG set up and was sweaty, annoyed, yet ready to workout.

I did some pole rows, and pole triceps pushes as a quick warm up. I developed and filmed a new combo lesson, then finished my trick practice. I worked on Shoulder mount side stall to gemini flip. Elbowstand TG cartwheel, and a killer "planche" style hold on the pole. Managed sloppy successes on all! lol
6 days ago
No workouts for me so far. I'm in ND with family. Hope to get back to it Monday!
3 days ago
Pretty Pixie
had a lot of tragedy befall my family in 2019 that sent me into a depressed state of mind for many months. I was only able to pole once, maybe twice, a month on average the entire year. I wish I was one of those types who can “dance away the sadness” but I’m not. I eventually chose to pull myself up and get back to my life. I actually made a “resolution”. And so I’ve started taking a pole class once a week and doing at least one home workout a week, mostly pole conditioning so far. My callouses are gone and my skin feels virgin again but otherwise it’s going surprisingly well. Eventually I hope to get back to 3 workouts a week, which is where I feel the best.
3 days ago
Hugs to you Pretty Pixie
2 days ago
StrangeFox Paid Member
Such a great idea! Veena - I'm curious what shoulder mount side stall and gemini flip are, now!

Pretty Pixie - so sorry to hear about your tragedy. It's hard to feel motivated when you're in that depressed state of mind. Sending you good vibes! I'm glad to see you're getting back at it. You will have your callouses back in no time.

Today I warmed up on my elliptical for 30 mins and did some back stretching/strengthening...which I desperately need. The run felt AMAZING. The back stretching... actually pretty awesome and productive for a change. I feel really motivated, which is great because I've been feeling very lazy/depressed/demotivated, especially when it comes to my flexibility. I feel like I'm always training flexibility and my flexibility just...really sucks! (Ps. I know this isn't true, it's just me being impatient and petulant). Today I bounced back and was excited about my plan to improve, especially after learning I've been doing a few exercises wrong, hence the discouraging lack of improvement in a few areas.

Tonight I am still full of energy so I plan to do one of the flow routines on here and a few more stretches before bed.
2 days ago
Back home from ND and managed a quick workout this morning! I did some shoulder conditioning and little bit of legs and core.

20 hours ago
Greatl thread. So yesterday I did 30 minutes kickboxing style cardio (found on you tube) and then I did kettlebell workout, followed by little handspring try since my shoulders were warm and activated. I am pleased to report that I managed to get one full handspring, not pretty but still. Considering that I keep losing it now and then I am happy with it. Tonight is aerial hoop class ☺
17 hours ago
Karen DJ Previous Paid Member
So Sunday I went to a trampoline/obstacle course park with some friends and their daughter... after my weekly zumba and bellydance choero class. It was exhausting but I kept up, especially for someone turning 35 next month. I was achy yesterday, so I did about 55 minutes of walking on the treadmill, a 20 minute yoga session and Day 4 of 30 Days to Flexy. I did alright. Today the achiness is a little better. 52 minutes on the treadmill, Flexy Day 5 with the Lower Body work, most of it!
6 hours ago
You did a really great job organizing your lessons! They look great and would be easy for a beginner to follow! ~Margie
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