Week 8 VIP plan Hip holds

Hi guys! This weeks VIP plan is all about hip holds. You might also know them as thigh holds. I'm sharing 2 different hip hold lessons with multiple variations included. While the Dutchess/half jade and Jade are both technically hip holds, you won't find them in this weeks plan. In the future I will be focusing on Jade all on its own. That means now is the perfect time to work on hip holds I'm sharing this week. The exercises and stretches I've included will also help you with Jade once you're ready!

Moves for the week:
Beginner work these from the floor. Intermediate from up on the pole. No more than 10 attempts each side, each pole session.

Gemini [www.studioveena.com]

Tuck hip hold [www.studioveena.com]

Hip holds (pike and other variations) [www.studioveena.com]

Intermediate students can work on the Money routine [www.studioveena.com]

Advanced students you'll find a slow motion break down of this neat combo using hip holds and butterflies! [www.studioveena.com]

Hip holds don't require a ton of strength but I'm including 2 exercises that will help with hip mobility and leg lines. Fully extended legs make these hip holds look great.

Exercise: 3 Sets 15 - 25 reps 3 times per week
Hip internal rotations [www.studioveena.com]

Pole Leg lifts [www.studioveena.com]

Stretch: Perform all stretches 3 times per week. Flow or hold for 30 to 60 seconds or as long as you like.

Flowmotion Melt [www.studioveena.com]

Flowmotion sitting pike [www.studioveena.com]

Flowmotion Lunge [www.studioveena.com]
Aug 28, 2020
I'm so excited to have Veena in my computer..I took a class but the teacher wasn't that great. I bought a pole put it up in my living room and Veena on my computer and it's been amazing. I can feel her kindness and her knowledge. thank u
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