Week 10 Superman VIP plan

Hi guys! 👋

Week 10 VIP plan is the Superman pole move. I've uploaded a brand new lesson teaching you 12 different ways to enter this pose. Even if you've just started pole dancing you can give this plan a try because I've included no invert entries! You'll learn static and spinning pole techniques, fun exits and the Superman spin as well. Again don't worry if you're new to pole working on the moves and exercises for this week will help you work up to the Superman too!

Here's the NEW Superman lesson [www.studioveena.com]

Moves for the week:
Do all moves 3 times per week, leaving a day of rest between.
Pole sits [www.studioveena.com]

Basic planks [www.studioveena.com]

These moves will help drive home the idea that tipping one hip down will lock you into place. Try both sides but keep the reps to 10 or less to avoid unnecessary pole burn!

Exercises and stretches for the week:
All should be done 3 times per week 10 - 20 reps 2 - 3 sets leaving a day of rest between. Feel free to do these on the same day you train the above pole moves or on the days off from pole.

Hand and wrist strength routine [www.studioveena.com]

Bird dog [www.studioveena.com]

Superman back [www.studioveena.com]

Cobra stretch [www.studioveena.com]

Shoulder clock stretch [www.studioveena.com]

If you have any questions don't hesitate to leave a comment or question on any lesson!
22 days ago
Corrie Paid Member
YAY! My only superman has been from the floor but I really want to start working on it again!

(Also, that graphic is adorable)
21 days ago
Thanks Corrie! I've got a little comic series I've done and I'll be sharing them on IG and FB
21 days ago
Corrie Paid Member
Can't wait to see! :)
21 days ago
Dadgirl21 Paid Member
I want to try this.
20 days ago
Phoenix fire bird Paid Member
I am soooo excited to give this a try!!! Especially as only just getting back into pole and finally getting my x-stage:-D Eeeeek! Thank you Veena! xxx
19 days ago
Veena, you've saved me money and quite a bit of agonizing of how to jump start my poling!! I've been in a pole rut for a couple years and now I'm back in the game!! I can't wait to start these! How I've missed it! Thank you SO much!
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