Spin pole or Flow 2.0

Hi guys! I wanted to get your input on which of these programs you'd like to see first.

Spinning pole - this program would be 2 to 4 weeks TBT and cover all levels. Giving you the tools you need to adapt to spinning pole more quickly.

Flow 2.0 - this program will be 4 weeks and it will include Grounded all level flow (beginner). Climbs, upright moves (beginner/inter). Spins and static rotations (Beginner/Inter). Inverts and beyond (Inter/adv). This program is to be used after the existing 30 day flow program.

It would be a few months before either of these would be finished as I've got other lessons to complete first. Look for those end of the month or May.

So which do you want to see first?

Flow 2.0 or Spinning pole
22 days ago
amelia2000 Previous Paid Member
I'd prefer flow, it's my biggest weakness XD
22 days ago
StrangeFox Previous Paid Member
Definitely spin pole!!
22 days ago
BunnySlayer13 Previous Paid Member
I'm so torn with both of these! I'm beginner and love spin pole, but also really, REALLY need fundamentals of flow! Either one you choose will be beneficial!
21 days ago
Nautilus Paid Member
Flow 2.0 :)
20 days ago
Fever Previous Paid Member
I think spinning lessons are a great idea and something I don't see too often!
16 days ago
njeri Paid Member
14 days ago
LatinPoler Previous Paid Member
14 days ago
sina136172 Paid Member
Oooh yes! Flow please!
11 days ago
PoleAdventures Paid Member
7 days ago
Krissykiki Paid Member
your lessons are so wonderful! I had no idea how thorough your strengthening routine was.
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