Should your belly drag on the pole?

Khbnk3666 Previous Paid Member
Hi! I'm a beginner learning to Pole dance. Whenever I practice Pole climbing and pole holds, my belly always drags down the pole with me making it look super unflatteringšŸ˜‚ šŸ˜‚

Are our bellies suppose to be sort of crushed onto the pole and dragging down the pole with us or when you become stronger is that when you can hold your belly a little further away to the pole?

And does anyone have any advice how to not have your belly crushed by the pole for every move?

I hope this all makes enough sense. Thank you :D
Jul 3, 2021
mariejarden6136 Paid Member
It truly does for most in the beginning, when you get more strength you can start to pull/hold body weight away from the pole, but trust me this sounds perfectly normal for a while. Even mulitple tummy rolls will happen on certain angles and holds ( hits you hard when you see them in the mirror for the first time lol) but they are part of you, your belly probably has a story to tell!! In the meantime try to gently push out when you descend down if the skin is hurting ! Sometimes certain poles finishes are sticker and certain skin types too !! If not, try to breath-in/inhale before you descend and then suck in your tummy on the way down, your abs will love you for it after a while!!
Jul 6, 2021
Yes, if you're doing a pole hold or basic pole climb the stomach will be against the pole. These holds are strength building grips not really meant for looking pretty. Try working on the Performance climb [] and trying the push grip [] these grips keep the belly off the pole.
Jul 6, 2021
Hi, IĀ“ve just seen this website and it seems great, your explanations are fantastic and clearly structured! Thanks :)
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