Pole Goals 2020

Micheru Previous Paid Member
What are your goals for 2020?
Mine are:
Deadlift Elbowstand
Aerial Chopper both sides
Shoulder mount from the flow
Work on fluidity and making my own combos once a week
23 days ago
Colleen Paid Member
1. Front Splits
2. Improving dismounting from Superman
3. Working more on Caterpillar Pose
21 days ago
These are great goals guys! I'm hoping to pole dance more consistently, I tend to find other things I have to get done and then I miss my pole time!!
18 days ago
Jihaleh Paid Member
I would loveee to be strong enough to invert by the end of the year. I will be so happy if I can do any particular moves, but I mainly just want get upside down without hands on the floor! Lol
6 days ago
Little Swift
I'm coming back to pole after a 2-year break, so my goal is just to get my strength back. I also want to learn spinning pole for the first time. Good luck to everyone with their goals!
6 days ago
Little swift I enjoy spinning pole now! It use to be something I didn't care for, that's a great goal.

If you are using the lessons at all remember you will find spinning pole options at the end of each spin lesson or at the end of the BONUS pole lessons!
6 days ago
JessMcG Paid Member
It's kinda lame lol, but my goal is to stick with it, getting better where I can and having fun! Ive never stuck with any kind of activity before so that's why it's my goal. :)
5 days ago
Micheru Previous Paid Member
JessMcG, I was the same with all other physical activity. Pole something I finally stuck too, over a year now.
5 days ago
To pole dance more for myself if I can
4 days ago
Silver Sylph Paid Member
Being a member is like belonging to a huge family all united by a love of pole, oh and the lessons & advice from Veena simply amazing!
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