I'm back from a long break from pole

mystical Paid Member
A lot has changed on here since I been on last, I am going to be having surgery on my left index finger on December 1st. It has calcification on my middle knuckle and I haven't been able to bend my finger for a few months. I'm going to take everything slow once surgery is done. I will be doing a few days of physical therapy to. Since I just got the lesson's here I'm going to use the grip and wrist exercises and start using the shoulder strength exercises to.

I'm glad to be back..šŸ™‚
Nov 27, 2022
LatinPoler Paid Member
Welcome back!! Wishing you a speedy recovery šŸ’œ Lower body strength & flexibility may be also an option to start with šŸ˜‰
Nov 28, 2022
Welcome back! Please feel free to reach out if you need any help or modifications šŸ˜
Nov 28, 2022
mystical Paid Member
Thank you ladies, Latin poler that's actually a great idea thank you. Veena thank you so much I for sure will.
Nov 30, 2022
hookedonpole Paid Member
Hi! Welcome back to pole and Studio Veena! :)
Dec 9, 2022
Colleen Paid Member
Welcome back! I had surgery on my right big toe. So I can relate. I was out for four or five months, but now Iā€™m healed and back at it.
Dec 18, 2022
I started pole dancing with Studio Veena since there wasn't a good studio around. Once in a while I did a private or a workshop, but most of the times it was Veena, my friend an I training together. I wouldn't have been where I am now without Studio Veena
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