How to train as a super beginner?

Zelda007 Paid Member
Hi everyone,
After many years of considering it, I finally bought a home pole. I am a COMPLETE beginner, and not in great shape.
I started the 30 day start program, but how else am.i suuposed to use the classes? Should I do more than the 30 day program, and if so what else? What do I do when the 30 days are up? How do I create a comprehensive learning plan?
Looking forward to your answers, and thanks so much to everyone in advance.
Oct 26, 2020
Dusty Rose Previous Paid Member
The first 3 years of my pole journey, having no athletic or dance background whatsoever, were not very productive because I hardly ever conditioned or stretched. Once I started doing those things consistently, I finally started noticing improvements w/ poling! If you are anything like me, everything takes a very loooong time to learn, haha, but that's ok!
Oct 26, 2020
Hi! I give you tips for what to do next at the end of your 30 program.

Things you could do: Work on the 30 flexibility program as Dusty Rose mentioned.

Try some of the VIP programs []

Work on the routines I have.

Try going through the beginner lessons from the start. Meaning start with the first lesson listed in beginner, all lessons are in order so feel free to give that a try.

Thing to remember always warm up, keep attempts at new moves under 10 times, stretch your forearms after every session, track your progress and keep a day of rest between workouts.

Oct 27, 2020
amelia2000 Previous Paid Member
@Dusty Rose- glad to hear someone else had the same experience! I've made so much more progress in the last two years since doing more off the pole strength training (squats, planks, mountain climbers etc) than in the whole two years before.
Oct 27, 2020
DulceDivine Previous Paid Member
This is what I started doing:

I plan my workouts for the entire week on either sunday or monday:

I'll choose one of Veena's 30 day programs (even if you can invert, it's great to do the 30 day invert again because each time you get so much stronger)

So I'll start with a 20 minute warm up (change them up, there's many to choose from in the lessons!) Once A week I'm using the pole strength routine as my warmup and upping reps as needed.

Then I will take 3-4 moves from the lessons in order and work on them, for harder moves I plan on working on that same move throughout the week a few different times and keep it in rotation until I feel it's mastered. I'll do each move 3-4 times each side before moving to the next.

I also choose either one of veena's dance routines or freestyle for a few min at the end of each pole session and end in some stretching.

My workouts tend to be about an hour long and I use Wednesday and Saturday as full rest days and Sundays for me are focused only on flexibility.

Hope this helps as I had a similar confusion too

Oct 28, 2020
Corrie Previous Paid Member
Dulce, I do almost the same thing! I plan my weeks in advance on Sunday or Monday, and AGREED on the invert program.

I actually do almost the same thing with moves - even *if* I'm doing a 30 day program, I throw in a few other moves (particularly if the lessons are a review).

Usually my pole days are Monday/Thursday/Friday (Thursday's are for play & freestyle). Tuesdays & Saturdays are usually strength training & cardio, and then the other two days are flexibility and rest (sometimes, if its yoga, I'll combine it. The point of a rest day for me is just not to strain my body, not do nothing).
Oct 30, 2020
Lara von Mondberg
I love studio Veena because that way I can learn in my own pace. it is also great addition to regular pole dance classes at my local studio. I appreciate the physiological aproach. understanding what muscels are involved helps me to understand the moves.
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