How to get knees flat for straighter legs

I hope this makes sense as it is an odd thing to describe but my knees will not flatten enough to make a straight line with my legs. I’ve always noticed this when stretching on the floor for instance- there always a little gap between my knees and the floor in either straddle or pike position. Now that I’m trying to start back with pole I noticed in my first practice the knees can’t straighten all the way in fan kick either even though I’m actively trying to straighten them. What is the best way to train/stretch this kink out of my knees? I don’t *think* it’s that my quads aren’t strong enough because I tend to bulk in that area. Wold love your tips if anyone else has overcome this!
Nov 1, 2018
LatinPoler Previous Paid Member
Actively push your knee cap back when straightening your legs, do not just extend the legs. Do hamstrings stretches flexing the foot, grabbing it and again pressing the knee cap back.
Nov 1, 2018
I totally know what you mean and I have one leg that use to have the problem! There are lots of things that will help and what Latin said is correct! Imagine extending through the back of the knees.

If you have the lessons check out the Nailed it, flow program we work on leg lines in there. Also try choosing one of these routine to do 2 or 3 times per week.

Lower body conditioning []

Lower body routine []

Sexy legs and abs routine []

There's a lot of info in the Veena's tips section of the lessons too []
Nov 1, 2018
Watching your videos not only makes me fall deeper inlove with pole they also makes me want to be the healthiest strongest woman I can be.
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