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KellieM Previous Paid Member
Im looking for tips / suggestions on planning my home pole sessions..
I took classes in a studio for 7 months before COVID shut them down..just started VERY basic spin pole.
Daily: I do Beach Body/ Jillian M DVD workouts (30min), work 12h, then try to home pole for an hour! I think look and tell myself im going to pole and then I dont, daily struggle LOL.

any & help help very appreciated in advance!
much love

Oct 13, 2020
I've got several 30 day programs you can follow if you'd like structure and a month long focus. Otherwise I also have VIP plans that are week long, so less of a commitment than the 30 day programs.

Here's the list of VIP plans [www.studioveena.com]

The 30 day programs are listed in the lessons section each with their own section. 🙂

Otherwise know that all lessons are placed in progressive order so keep that in mind when creating a plan for yourself. All lessons have spinning pole techniques as well. 💜
Oct 13, 2020
Thank you, Veena, these exercises are great! This is why I love learning online with you, you take the time to break down all the important details and lay down the foundations so well.
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