Chrome or Titanium pole && grip aid

Sooooo I'm starting back poling after, well, years..... I have a chrome pole from back in the day which works out great, but since I put it up at my mom's house due to the pandemic, its in a not-so-great location.... plus its in a cold room, and I'm slipping & sliding and can't seem to get my grip. I figure its due to my 8+ year old grip aid, since I haven't bought since like, 2013.

I've decided to give my hubby a great idea for a b-day present for me, but can't decide if I ​want another chrome pole or a titanium. I want another X-Pole. I have the static/spin, which is great, but I do not use the spin mode so often.

I'm wondering if the titanium would be an option this go around. It wasn't back when I ordered my chrome. I'm in south florida, but we tend to run the AC a lot, so its a usually cold in the house.

I'm also debating on the static vs spinner option. I'm leaning towards static because I can get it quicker, but I could also do the spinner and wait as my work schedule is going to be crazy this next month.

on a side note, what the heck happened to the cost of the Dry Hands. I used to use it back in the day and remember that it was like, $ I can't seem to find it cheaper than $18....
Any other ones to try, or something more grippy?

Apr 26, 2021
Here's a video I made about different finishes. []

Yeah grip aid is crazy expensive now. Here's what I use for my cold dry skin []
Apr 26, 2021
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