Date: Feb 10, 2020
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Today I'm sharing my favorite grip aid recipe and pairing it with another common grip aid, creating a super grip concoction. These two grip aids alone don't work for me, but when I put them together, amazing! This mix is NOT for sweat! Works great on cold, dry, slick hands, skin and poles.

What you'll need:
Small spray bottle
2 tbsp Vegetable Glycerin
4 tbsp Water
1 tsp Vodka, as preservative
Mighty grip powder.
Fanny Paid MemberThanks Veena!!! This is actually very helpful advice!! Great und really easy to do :)
Nov 23, 2020
VeenaI hope you all enjoy this!
Nov 30, 2020
monica kay Paid Membervegetable glycerin definitely works for me- i've been using it for years successfully. it only works on my thighs and waist tho- since my hands are aways kinda sweaty, any added moisture on my hands ends up making me slippy. i've never tried it with vodka or mighty grip tho. great recipe!
Nov 30, 2020
SV User
OH MY GOD VEENA!!!! I never imagined such an AWESOME resource like this existed for pole!!! You are an absolute gem and your tutorials are soooo informative!!
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