Caterpillar and Butterfly Tutorials

Hi guys! Since I've been featuring Caterpillar and Butterfly this week on social media. I thought it would be fun to share all of the lessons I have, combos too, for Caterpillar an Butterfly!

Veena's tips for Caterpillar []

Caterpillar Tutorial []

Caterpillar Climb []

30 Day Caterpillar Program []

Butterfly Tutorial []

Extended Butterfly tutorial []

Butterfly and Extended Butterfly combo with leg variations! []

Butterfly Invert []

Extended Butterfly and Back hook Combo []

Standing Split into Basic Butterfly []

Extended Butterfly to Center Pole Split []

Shoulder Mount to True Grip Butterfly []

Jan 28, 2023
I don't have time to attend a studio regularly, but with, it's like having my own personal trainer by my side every time I train. It would be wonderful if all studios taught such a thorough foundation for pole!
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