Advanced Level 1 Program!

It's here! My advanced level 1 Program. I've been working my little booty off and I'm pleased with the results.

The Advanced programs have a small change from how most of my programs are presented. Instead of a full 30 days, I've split the these programs into 4 weeks. With each week focusing on new tricks and flexibility for a particular area of the body. This way you can revisit one week at a time if you want to improve on the tricks or flexibility that week provides, without having to go through all 4 weeks. However, I suggest you work through all 4 weeks in order! After that, anytime you need a refresher go to whichever week you'd like!

Here's the link []
Aug 8, 2022
Congrats V!! Loving the refresh! Once I get moved I'll be back to poling and signing up for all your fantastic tutorials :-)
Aug 9, 2022
I would love that 💜
Aug 9, 2022
This is exactly the site I needed to get use of the static pole I received last month! Veena, you have laid everything out so well. This is great for me since the closest pole studio to me is an hour away.
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