2012 September Challenge


The challenge for this month is.......Musicals!!! We have done movie themes before but never Musicals, so this should be fun! Thank you Saphyre for the suggestion. 
Sep 2, 2012 from San Francisco, California, United States
Saphyre Paid Member

Oh, yay! I have quite a few in mind. What to choose?????
Sep 2, 2012 from Yorkville, Illinois, United States
AvaBabe Previous Paid Member
Just putting it out there, I have been building myself up to have some "balls" and post a video one of these days. It's going to take a lot to get that courage up, and I mean a lot! BUT, if I do actually grow a pair of brass (or in my case, chrome) it's going to be to Phantom of the Opera Dubstep style. Already have the music, just need the courage. =p ;)
Sep 2, 2012 from Tampa, Florida, United States
Saphyre Paid Member

Ninjachic, you should know by now that you are in a safe place! We all have that insecurity and I still remember posting my first video. It wasn't that long ago! I love Phantom! What a great choice! Just go for it, and if you're still not comfortable with posting it now, perhaps you will be some day..xoxo
Sep 2, 2012 from Yorkville, Illinois, United States

phantom nightwish edit! :D or cell block tango :) woop woop!
Sep 3, 2012
muroo Paid Member

here I was thinking of straight up going for a musical and not a remix. must pore over the internetz now.

and I know I could still just do a normal musical song but it would probably end up being disney and also I'd just be singing the whole time. that might happen with any song. I did have thoughts of freestyling to my own cover of something but I've never finished one. :-)

@ninjachic I finally posted a video last month and everyone was super supportive about it. I was worried at first (no comments within 5 minutes!! haha) but I guess this community doesn't let you down. I hereby hand you some invisible e-chrome-balls. 
Sep 3, 2012
echo234 Previous Paid Member

A musical?  I'm so lost on this one guys... what do I do with this one and where do I get that kind of music?  Help!
Sep 3, 2012 from California, United States

Here is a list of musicals...think Broadway. [www.studioveena.com]
Sep 3, 2012 from San Francisco, California, United States

Why oh why don't i have a pole at home!!! Curses!
I would totally do this one! Not that I have CATS memorized or anything....lol.
Sep 3, 2012 from United States

You don't have to use a pole, we've had members do a chair dance, hoop or even just floorwork. We are not too picky about it. [www.studioveena.com] lol
Sep 3, 2012 from San Francisco, California, United States
Stiletto Jeau

I got one, I got one!  It'll be my 1st challenge and 1st home video post.  It's both a movie and a musical, both of which I don't care for and hence an extra challenge. 

The bf agreed to video and he just gave me the details about the scene when the song takes place.  He loves and has seen both the movie and musical, so it won't seem like such a chore for him to be involved...cuz we all know how some of our bfs have become de-sensitized by pole ; )
Sep 3, 2012 from Seattle, Washington, United States
Juicy Jenn

I am thinking maybe doing Rock of Ages. That would be fun. I have never done musicals to a floor work, pole or any dance for that matter. 
Sep 4, 2012 from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
Saphyre Paid Member

Okay, I have made my choice. I think I'll do this one at my studio, so it may be a bit! So excited!! It brings back such memories! (Oh, and it's not "Memory" from "Cats")
Sep 4, 2012 from Yorkville, Illinois, United States

:X this is definitely a challenge, I am still stuck on music selection
Sep 4, 2012 from Little Rock, Arkansas, United States
Awesome! Will do some thinking and some planning
Sep 4, 2012 from Nottingham, England, United Kingdom
Meili Previous Paid Member

It'd be awfully fun to do a song and scene from the musical Wicked!

Sep 5, 2012
muroo Paid Member

Just when I thought I had a song picked out you had to mention Wicked haha. =P

I need to find a new way to record though...
Sep 5, 2012

Hmmm....I think this is going to be my first challenge.  I've got a song in mind.  I'd love to get into doing the challenges every month!
Sep 5, 2012 from Lexington, Kentucky, United States

i never got around to doing august's challenge but i am DEFINITELY doing this one! am such a musical fan it's ridiculous!

Am thinking something from jesus christ superstar, just to make life more difficult/challenging ;)

No idea how to get the music either though lol.
Sep 6, 2012 from Cambridge, England, United Kingdom
Sweet D
Just wanted to let you ladies know that I was looking around for music for this challenge and spotify seems to have almost every musical soundtrack I looked for.
Sep 6, 2012 from Kent, Ohio, United States
Saphyre Paid Member

Oh, Hazelnut! I was almost going to do one from Jesus Christ Superstar, but I picked something else. You can find the music on iTunes or Spotify.
Sep 6, 2012 from Yorkville, Illinois, United States
Juicy Jenn

Got my song picked out, got some room to pratice and work on the moves to it. A musical is something new. Here's to fun.
Sep 7, 2012 from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
Saphyre Paid Member

Dang it. I think I changed my mind on my song pick. Remembered one that is very inspirational. Short, but powerful...

Sep 10, 2012 from Yorkville, Illinois, United States
chloe loves milo Previous Paid Member

is anyone watching so you think you can dance?!?! burlesque to a broadway song on a pole! LOL
Sep 11, 2012 from Belleville, Ontario, Canada
Sweet D

I have a question...are you limiting this to broadway musicals or can it be a showtune from a movie musical as well?
Sep 14, 2012 from Kent, Ohio, United States
It could be either I'm to too picky :)
Sep 14, 2012 from San Francisco, California, United States

I think it's awesome that the pole preformance that aired on So You Think You Can Dance fits the SV theme! Eliana and Tiffany performed to a song from the musical Chicago. Here is a link to the youtube video (although it's been posted on here in another forum, thought it might be inspirational for the ladies participating in this month's challenge!)

Sep 15, 2012 from United States
Dottie Von Boone

I am thinking about doing this HARD! [www.studioveena.com] will only be floor work, because I am working on getting a home pole, but hmm let's see - which musical...
Sep 16, 2012 from Raleigh, North Carolina, United States
I think I know just the song... He he he
Sep 20, 2012 from Manitoba, Canada
Juicy Jenn

My pole down right now. So I was wondering I do floor/chair instead of pole as long as it goes with the theme?
Sep 21, 2012 from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States

@ Juicy Jenn, Yes, you don't have to use a pole 
Sep 21, 2012 from San Francisco, California, United States

oohh got a great idea!!
Sep 24, 2012 from Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
Saphyre Paid Member

Hoping to record my challage tomorrow!
Sep 24, 2012 from Yorkville, Illinois, United States
Mitzy Blue

ooooh IDEEEEEA! :) I hope to record mine eventually. I've got just the song in mind. <3
Sep 24, 2012 from Pismo Beach, California, United States
Just4Pole Previous Paid Member
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