14 different ways to Pole Climb

Climbing is often neglected when it comes to our dance practice and performance. We use a climb to get into our fun and exciting tricks and leaving out a wonderful opportunity to add style, strength building and flow to our dance through the climb!

It's about the journey not the destination right?

Here's a video with 14 different climbs you can try. [www.studioveena.com]

Here's a list of tutorials for the climbs

Gemini Climb [www.studioveena.com]

Attitude Climb [www.studioveena.com]

Veena Climb [www.studioveena.com]

Caterpillar Climb [www.studioveena.com]

Basic Climb [www.studioveena.com]

Performance Climbs [www.studioveena.com]

Shoulder Mount [www.studioveena.com]

Static Spinning climb (FIREMAN SPIN) [www.studioveena.com]

Performance side climb [www.studioveena.com]
Side Climb [www.studioveena.com]

Scissor Climb [www.studioveena.com]

X ankle Climb [www.studioveena.com]

How many have you tried?

19 days ago
I forgot to add this climb Flag Climb [www.instagram.com]
19 days ago
Juicy J
Great suggestions, Veena! I’ll be sure to give these all a try! ☺️
16 days ago
Hi, I´ve just seen this website and it seems great, your explanations are fantastic and clearly structured! Thanks :)
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