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    Posted by polebunny on March 7, 2010 at 8:15 pm

    well let me say first that i have been so thankful for all the responses about my clothing post! you all are wonderful!

    i also wanted to give you an update, because things seem to be looking up. my hubby just got a .50 raise, and is on a schedule to get another raise by the end of april. also we are moving! see, right now we live out in the country, which was nice at first, but then my husband got his job and now it is way too much gas for him to go 20 miles to get to work. our new place is within walking distance of his job. also out here in the country we can only use a certain more expensive electric company, in the city we can have aep which is much cheaper. and our new place comes with a washer and dryer, so that just might be my favorite part, we haven’t had one in two years.

    in case anyone was wondering, my hubby is a lead programmer for a growing website security company called secure live, they protect your website against hackers and also offer hosting. veena you actually might want to check it out for the site if you worry about hackers, lol. the website is securelive.net not to sound like a salesperson, i am just so proud of my husband for all the work he has done there.

    well thanks again to everyone who has reached out and just wanted to let you know how its going https://www.studioveena.com/img/smilies/icon_albino.gif

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  • Gsylass

    March 11, 2010 at 8:05 am

    That’s great news – thanks for letting us know how you’re getting on!

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