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    Posted by Meleania on June 4, 2010 at 6:26 am

    So me and a couple friends went to an amateur pole show that was being hosted by 2 local pole studios, both of which ive taken a class for. There was like 10 performers, half of them were really good and advanced. After the show was over nobody was on the stage so I went up to one of the owners of the studios to say Hi and then I saw a couple girls go up and I was like oh can I go up? She said yes because I had already signed a waiver. So I went up and I had butterflies for about half a second and did a few moves! Of course I forgot everything I know and only managed to do a fire man, front hook, back hook, reverse grab, basic invert, boomerang, and just spin around the pole doing pirouettes. I wore JEANS for some stupid reason!!! and my friends didn’t think to get out their cameras so no proof DARN! When I got off I asked if anything embarrassing happened that I wasn’t aware of, it was an x stage and I guess on my first spin the whole stage moved about a foot towards the edge of the main stage and it was a few inches from going off. That could of been a disaster! Why would it move like that? Im only 145lbs..too much momentum I guess? One of my friends said I looked confident, I just felt like I was playing on my own pole. I want to be a performer for one of the studios so its good she got to see that I can get up on stage in front of people. Nobody cheered for me or anything though (that I noticed), probably cuz in the bit after the show alot of the people went outside to smoke and it had really cleared out. There was a girl that was up there with me at first so we tried to do doubles, it didnt work, when I said ‘front hook’ she did something different that was more like a forward falling spin. It was probably entertaining watching us try though! It was the first time I had pole danced in a few months too, im surprised I still had the strength for it! Inverting was a little harder, im glad I hadn’t lost too much strength for a reverse grab, it would of been bad if I had swung to do it then didn’t have the strength and flew off the pole lol. I saw some pretty awesome moves, I didn’t expect to see a superman fall and a yogini at an amateur show. When they were about to go in to the moves I knew what was coming and was like ‘gasp’ then when they did the move i was like YAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! *clap* this was my first in person pole show btw, anything I have ever witnessed before was in a couple classes and on youtube lol. Next time must get there early for a better view!!

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