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  • blister?pole burn?CLAM CLAM HANDS!!!

    Posted by Miccalicious on May 21, 2010 at 2:08 am

    warning: a little bit long!!

    Okay okay so, today was my 4th pole class and let me tell you it was the most off one so far. I gradually was feeling confidant I was progressing every class. But today I knew class would be hard, since last week our teacher cancelled today was the first time I touched the pole in 2 weeks. So first I forgot I had class, so I lent my grandma the my car since my friends and I were going to the beach in their car. I remember its Thrusday and realize I have class. By the time I’m home its 430 my class is at 630. I had to hop on a bus and go as soon as I packed my bags, showered off the sand and out the door. I made it there at 6 so i snuck a little pole time. Of course their were fans going in the room cause today was SO HOT OUT!! Here in Winnipeg its NEVER this hot out at this time of the month. I hear we’re having the hottest temps in Canada right now which is awesome! I hope it holds up this weekend cause I’m going camping because….. on monday its my 19th BIRTHDAY!! I’ve been an adult for one year!! HAHAHAHA anyways back to topic!! It was super hot out today. Plus i’m naturally sweaty, I always have clam hands!!

    SO its hot out, i have been baking/tanning/slight burn on my BACK!!!, my hands are extra sweaty, and my first time touching the pole in 2 weeks. Im surprised I remembered the routine. So yes I was wiping my pole EVERY…SINGLE…..MOVE..!!!!!grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I’m honestly the only one in class who has to wipe…. especially the only one who CONSTANTLY has to do it. I did the first part of the routine and its basically just walking a around the pole, some pirouettes then go in to a basic spin.. well HELLO by the time i get there the damn pole is sweaty as shit with my clam hands running all around it. I couldnt even grip to do a spin and if i did my hand would…BOOM! slide down.

    So I gripped, my hand went facing upwards and I slide down and my finger is BURING!! I think this maybe what feels like pole burn, which went perfectly with the burn on my back from the sun. Now I just noticed a few hours later I now have a blister on the tip of my finger!! And it gears me cause I could understand blisters from gripping but I was so slippery all class I couldnt handle it. I WAS GETTING SO FUSTRATED! ahhh.

    So since I started there I was trying to figure out the pole. Since I have never really danced on a pole except a brass one at a bar I figured these were chrome. They were silver so they must be. Then today I just flat out asked what they were. She said hers was stainless steel, and ours were also but they were coated. So I’m wondering if this has to do with some extra slipperyness?? Im almost done at this studio, I’m going to one with TG poles cause this clam hand girls can not handle what I supposedly thought was chrome but is stainless steel. So is chrome and steel similar? or just look wise?

    So today my madonna? <- i think that was the name of the move. Well it hurt my back on the pole cause of my sunburn and i just had a tee shirt on….ouch. Plus me not even able to do any part of the routine cause when I touched the pole I would slip. And no energy from the sun….blah pole day today.. I know these days will happen, but sometimes im just the type who gets frustrated and more determined for next time… But what if next time its just as hot, i’ll be just as sweaty. and stainless steel AHHHHHH. Oh well next week is my last class there then new studio!! SOOO ill wrap this up since I’ve literally typed a novel here are my questions….

    -Is this blister on my finger tip normal? finger tip seems like a strange place to get one! at least i thought so!
    -Stainless steel vs chrome? more slippery? the TG are sounding better and better for my clam hands, plus summer is coming up all the heat!!!
    - then this pops up in my subscriptions… WTF i could never go a whole song with out a wipe! what a great vid!!! will I always be like that I would love to do whole routine for once haha oh well is that just something a really clam handed girl cant do?!
    -any tips for my blister? my sore ego? my terrible off day ?!

    thanks ladies if you read this, i appreciate it!! I know its long !

    Miccalicious replied 14 years ago 5 Members · 5 Replies
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  • poletrickster

    May 21, 2010 at 4:52 am

    Sounds like a crummy day for you I have a sweaty hands problem also, mine is medication related I sweat even in AC its very frustrating so I know your pain! blisters,callouses,pole burn its all a normal part of poling I dont know anything about different poles and grips I have an aluminum flirty girl fitness pole. Hang in there you will have good days and bad days

  • MommaBear

    May 21, 2010 at 12:23 pm

    I started to get a blister on my right hand, middle finger (like where you would press down to get a fingerprint). Mine has started to turn to a mini callus. I had asked about that as well, because I thought it was an odd spot. I dunno if it is supposed to be there, but at least I am not the one and only.

    I am thinking that as I gain more strength and start using my body strength accurately that some of the stress will be relieved from my hands and that may go away. I dunno. The good news though is that once it callused, it didn’t hurt like a blister anymore

    Can’t offer much in terms of grip and sweaty hands – so far I haven’t hit that wall to severely. I have noticed that with the increased heat and humidity where I am, I do loose grip – I haven’t been able to hold the CKR since the first time because I just slide down the pole – but not so badly that I can’t still hang on and spin.

    Don’t let one bad day get you down

  • Danielle Tillie

    May 22, 2010 at 2:44 am

    Stainless steel is slippery… chrome is much better. And TG is even better than that! So your new studio will be a good change for you. I have slippery hands too, but I have never used grip aids. One thing that will help is to make sure you scrub your hands thoroughly before poling. Any residue of any kind will just make the problem worse (residue from any lotions, hair products, finger foods, etc). I’ve found that the sweaty hands issue gets better the more comfortable you are with the pole. Any amount of stress (slight nervousness, anxious to complete a move, simply being unsure) will cause sweaty hands. As soon as you are comfortable enough not to have any of those stresses present, you will notice a difference. As soon as I try a new move my sweaty hands act up again. It’s a natural bodily reaction. Blisters of any kind are normal in pole dance, so don’t worry about it. Just let it turn into a callus. I have calluses on my wrists from pole burn. Ya get used to it!

  • hannahpc

    May 22, 2010 at 6:22 am

    I have to wipe my pole after every move as well.
    My mum and sister dont have this issue, but i just slip so fast if i dont.

    My hands have always sweated quite a lot, so it might just be something i have to deal with.
    I think there is powder that can dry them out..?

  • Miccalicious

    May 22, 2010 at 6:32 pm

    thansk everyone, yeah I just have such clammy hands that I was like "wow this is how i’m gonna have to dance, wiping every 5 seconds…nat cool" but I thought they were chrome poles all along, i can’t belive the are stainless steel ugh, now i cannot wait to go to the new studio!!

    Hopefully over time i can get over my clam hand problems, once i get my own pole I think I’ll learn to deal with this sticky situation. One hour a week on stainless steel poles are not for me!! Cant wait to start at the new place with tg and 2x a week!!! woooo!! thanks again ladies, i guess i was just feeling so down casue it was SOOOO hot out and i couldnt do any moves just would slide right off! Im jealous of girls who are clam hand free, i see some moves and i’m like "ill never do that my hand would just slip!!" but i guess its all about practice, patience and hard work!!!

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