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    Posted by SissyBuns on July 9, 2009 at 12:06 pm

    I took a level 3 pole class yesterday. (I promoted myself from level 2 finally) and there was a girl next to me who had brought a friend who was new. Before the class started I over heard the friend tell the girl "I can’t do this. I’m not slutty enough".

    My first impression was to start a rant about pole dancing not being just for strippers and yada yada yada but a quick scan of the room enabled me to almost kind of see her point and understand her fear. Most…no pretty much all of the girls in the class look like models. I’m probably the oldest, and thickest one there. They dress for class too, booty shorts on, hair done, shoes on. Most of them are young and very nicely shaped so if you’re not comfortable in your own sexy you could be very uncomfortable being amongst them. Before class starts a lot of people practice, this isn’t a problem except for the fact that a lot of higher levels take some of the lower level classes to work on their dancing (because in lvl 4 and 5 your mostly upside down the whole time LOL) so before class starts they’re doing all their "high level" stuff and it can be very intimidating.

    The girl was was able to talk her friend down a bit and a few minutes later class started. This particular instructor is a former dancer turned poler so shes teaching us this really cute, but tricky routine to Big Spender. She doesn’t break things down very much because at level 3 you’re supposed to already know most of the spins and if you don’t know it you’re able to catch onto it pretty quickly after being shown a couple of times (they don’t actually say this, but this is my assumption from what I’ve seen) so the first spin we do is a new one to me (but very cute) and requires a good bit of upper body and leg strength and it came right after about 16 counts of dancing. I barely got it and the new friend was completely lost. I saw her look at her friend and say I can’t do this and then she went and got her things and left.

    I was soooo sad to watch her give up I thought to myself that girl will probably never come back to try poling again and thats such a shame

    The crazy thing is that her friend didn’t even go after her . I’m hoping they drove seperate cars lol. That girl shouldn’t have brought her friend to a level 3 class as a beginner. I wanted to go after her and say…come back at 7! Thats the level one class you’ll love it!

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