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    Posted by mayzface on June 25, 2009 at 4:04 am

    Can anyone point me to assembly/removal directions for the X-Pole? A .pdf of the instructions that come with it would be awesome, I can’t find mine. I’m having some issues putting mine up (i’ve done it before no problem, I’m just having a hard day), and I want to make sure I’m doing everything right and not ruining my pole. All I can find online are the video instructions that show the older version (I think?), that uses a wrench. I didn’t need to use a wrench to put mine up, and the adjuster screw came fully threaded in when I opened the box, so those instructions aren’t for the same model of pole. I just feel like I did everything right, but I really don’t want to break my pole so I’d rather be safe than sorry. This is so frustrating, I just want to dance!


    mayzface replied 14 years, 9 months ago 3 Members · 5 Replies
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  • Jemom1969

    June 25, 2009 at 6:38 am
  • Foxy_Rei

    June 25, 2009 at 9:09 pm

    Those instructions that you think are for an older model of pole are still good for the other ones. Mine didn’t come with a spanner wrench and the adjuster screw was already in mine also. They do that part for you for shipping purposes – same thing when you get a 45mm pole; it uses the same base as a 50mm, but has an adapter that they screw onto the base for you just for the shipping. Same idea. But the whole assembly is the same as the video, just skip the part where it tells you to thread the adjuster and use something else in place of the wrench (I used my hand, but you could easily use your own wrench).

    Just putting this out there (and I know I’m not the only one) but I’m usually putting my pole up by myself, so it’s easier to put the dome on last instead of putting it on the top pole then screwing the final pole pieces together.

    Here’s a quick run-through of how I do it (refer to the video for the actual instructions, this is just a general guideline):
    -apply WD-40 to the threads on the poles, also make sure the pole is in static mode (meaning the hex screws in the base are screwed all the way in)
    -find where you’re going to put it, making sure it’s going to be directly under a joist if you’re in the US, between 2 joists if you’re in the UK.
    -figure your extensions (the instruction manual had this, not sure if it’s on the website)
    -place the base on the floor
    -screw on your extensions and the poles, starting with the smallest at the bottom and working your way up to the biggest. Screw them about hand tight, don’t need to tighten them all the way yet.
    -if you’re using the adjuster cover, slide it on before the pole gets too tall to reach. I don’t use it, personally… it’s not necessary. Also put that little ring thing on the very top just before you put the dome on – make sure the ridge on the ring is on the upper side, otherwise the adjuster cover won’t be able to get on the spring buttons to hold it in place.
    -put the dome on top
    -standing on a chair or something if need be (I don’t need one… short ceilings), turn the adjuster screw to the left (counterclockwise) so the screw will get longer. I use my hand (you could use a wrench) until the hole is showing for the rod, then I switch to the rod.
    -Just before the dome touches the ceiling, I would double check the placement with the joists. It’s a bit easier to tell when it’s closer to the ceiling. Move the pole if you need to.
    -keep extending the adjuster screw until the dome is just touching the ceiling – enough to hold it in place, but not snug yet. Get down to check and see if the pole is perfectly vertical. Either use a level or use your eyes to line it up with a straight edge in the room, like a corner or a door frame. Make sure to do this in 2 spots on the pole that are 90 degrees to each other. It might look straight from one side, but it’s not from another. I walk a full circle around my pole and stop in 3 or 4 places to check. Also make sure the dome is flat against the ceiling and isn’t crooked.
    -get back up there and extend the adjuster screw until the dome is snug. I keep going until it gets really really hard to turn, but not until it’s impossible to turn anymore.
    -get down, then take your release rod and working from the bottom up, stick it in each of the poles (in the holes) and turn them until they’re tight. Don’t overtighten them! Probably maybe another turn after you’re getting some resistance? Remember you have to undo them again later.
    -Go back and make sure the dome is snug again. You’ll probably have to give it a few more turns now that the rest of the pole is tight.
    -Take the locking nut and screw it down the adjuster screw until it’s against the top of the pole. Either use a wrench or the end of the release rod (there’s a hole in it for the rod) and turn it so it’s tight, but not so much you can’t undo it again later.
    -Get down, move your chair, and give the pole some tugs or even a simple spin or 2 to make sure it doesn’t move. Just don’t do something all-out right away and have the pole fall on you… be cautious until you’re sure it’s not going anywhere first!
    -if you’re using the adjuster cover, slide it up the pole and onto the ring just under the dome. Let the spring buttons come through the holes and it should be in place.
    -you’re done!
    ***make sure to check to make sure the pole is still tight and snug before you use it. Any bending means you have to tighten the poles themselves, any sliding means the dome isn’t snug and the adjuster screw needs to be played with. Also check the locking nut to make sure it’s still snug against the top of the pole.

    I think I got everything… I’m sure someone will point it out of I’m wrong.
    ****Like I said, this is a general guideline! The X-Pole DVD video version actually does a good job of explaining how to do this… watch the video and take notes if you really want "THE" instructions on paper****

    I’ll re-post with the break down instructions…

  • Foxy_Rei

    June 25, 2009 at 9:34 pm

    Taking Down
    Basically putting it up except backwards (duh).

    -Push the spring buttons in and slide down the adjuster cover.
    -UNSCREW THE LOCKING NUT – unscrew it a goodly space up the adjuster screw so you have plenty of room. If the pole and that locking nut touch before the pole has cleared the ceiling, then unscrew it some more. It may end up covering the hole for the release rod, but oh well, use your hand or a wrench at that point. Not doing this may result in you stripping the adjuster screw and it will RUIN your pole!!!
    -use your release rod or a wrench to turn the adjuster screw clockwise – to the right – so the adjuster screw will be screwing INTO the pole, thus making it shorter. Keep going until the dome has enough room to slide off.
    -when there’s room, take the dome off; along with the ring to hold up the adjuster cover (if you used it)
    – there’s really no need to keep screwing the adjuster rod into the pole, unless you’re worried about the grease from it or you’re packing it into the carrying case. But to each their own. (I have to fully screw it in just to get the dome off, anyway)
    -Now here’s what I do to take down the poles themselves separately from the base: I stand on the base and contort myself to reach one of the sets of holes near the bottom of the pole. I try to loosen it so at least some part of the pole is separate from the base.
    -Lay the still connected poles on the floor
    *if the poles won’t come off the base, carefully lay the whole thing on its side. Just be careful not to put any pressure on the pole to strain the base. The base naturally flexes to account for uneven floors, but don’t put any more weight on it than you have to! Try to disconnect the base first (following the next few steps) instead of an upper part of the pole to reduce strain on the base mechanism.
    -Try to first undo the poles with your hands. If that won’t work, stick a release rod in the holes on 2 of the connected poles. Let one rod rest against the floor (or even better, on a thick book on the floor), and turn the other one that’s sticking up against it in the direction that will unscrew the poles. This may take a minute to figure out which rod is doing what and which way to turn it… hehe.
    -If it’s still stuck, double check to make sure you’re turning it the right way. Don’t try it again until you’re sure it’s going the right direction, because that means you’re tightening it and that’s just not going to help things, now is it???
    -Last resort is the shock method. Position the rods the same way as above, except put a towel or something over the rod that’s going to be doing the turning (so you don’t ding the rod). Take a hammer and firmly tap the rod in the direction you want to go. Don’t hit it like those carnival machines where if you make the slider hit the bell you get a prize… you’re not going for the amount of force. The shock is what releases it. Give it a few sharp taps then try turning the rod with your hands. It should go this time. If not, try the hammer again – remember just to be delibrate (spelling?) and give a sharp tap, but don’t wail on it. You’ll only bend your rods.
    -do this until all the poles are apart.
    *to take the little spinny mechanism off the base, unscrew the hex screws as if you were going to spin mode – as in, not all the way out, but flush with the outside of the pole surface – and it will slide off the base.

    There’s how I do it… please correct me if I’m wrong.
    And my apologies to Veena if I’m stealing her thunder by typing all this out. I just see some of these directions (like the shock method and remembering to unscrew the locking nut) repeated by her over and over and over and over and over again and I’m sure she’s getting sick of it… so I’m just trying to help.

    Hope my insanely long directions help!

  • mayzface

    June 26, 2009 at 3:46 am

    Foxy, you rock! The instructions alone are simple enough, I just felt like I was doing them out of order and somehow messing up my pole. I think my real problem is that I had been ignoring the locking nut all along, for weeks and weeks of dancing it just lived merrily at the top of the adjuster! I’m amazed the whole thing didn’t fall down, but it did get pretty wobbly eventually. I think having an actual person explain how they do it clicked better in my brain. Thank you so much for writing all of it out, I’m going to give it another shot tonight and I’m sure it’ll be a total success.

  • mayzface

    June 27, 2009 at 2:45 am

    I did it! Of course, I still managed to make a couple bonehead moves (upside down adjuster cover?! How’d I let that slip?), but they’re all mistakes you only make once. Aside from getting it level, I’d say I’m a pro. Thanks again!

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