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    Posted by Meleania on August 3, 2009 at 12:50 am

    I work at a kennel and our bath tub is kinda high off the floor, when I lifted this dog up I felt my wrist pop, and it hurt, not enough to stop me from continuing work that day though. This was about 10 weeks ago. Well I waited and waited for it to heal, some days would be better than others, eventually I got a wrist brace and ive been wearing it at least to work and to bed if not all the time. It helps, but when I wake up in the morning my hand is numb sometimes, and if I take it off and use my wrist for any kind of period of time it starts hurting again. I am afraid to use the pole cuz i dont want to have a life long injury and cant afford a doctor. When I hold my wrist and turn my hand around it feels like my wrist is crackling. Ive never had any kinds of problems with joints or anything and have never had to wear a brace or any support for any limbs/joints before. I cant believe picking up a dog, who wasnt that super heavy, WITH HELP, did this to me. It kills me being off the pole for this long, I had to take it down to avoid temptation to jump on and hurt myself more. This past week my wrist felt fine (wearing the brace to work and to bed but off rest of time) so today I tried moving it around and stretching it and it has ALOT less flexibility than my left hand now. I can force it to be just as flexible but it I cant bend it using just my wrist like I can with my left wrist. Plus it hurts again, from stretching it probably. I read online and tendinitis seems to fit my symptoms but its not swollen that I can see. So starting today im doing ice packs. I am allergic to IBUprofen so I need to go pick up some Aleve, I am putting arnica gel on it too (good for more than just bruising!) If all this stuff doesnt work I really dont want to spend all the money I made at the kennel just to fix the problem I got at the kennel, plus I REALLY miss my pole! If wrist brace / ice packs / anti-inflammatory meds dont work what is there left to do? Surgery? EEEEP! It doesnt hurt all the time, just if I use it alot…I dont know what to dooo I work under the counter so its not even like my work can cover it either *doh*

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  • SissyBuns

    August 3, 2009 at 2:18 am

    Hi there,
    I saw that you mentioned that you’re allergic to ibuprofen which is an NSAID and Aleve is alos an NSAID. if you’re allergic to ibuprofen check to make sure it’s just that drug and not others like it. Unless of course you’ve taken Aleve before and know you’re good to go.

    Now about the wrist. I’m no pole pro but I am a nurse and some what of a has been athlete (and a former soldier) so I know a bit about injuries. I myself have had tendonitis in the past (in my knee) and I know how bad it hurts and even when it feels like it may be getting better once you use it it hurst again. That’s the thing with tendonitis. The only cure is anti-inflammatories and rest. You have to rest it until it’s better. My knee tooks months to heal.

    The only way to truly know whats going on with your wrist is to see a doctor. I know you stated your healthcare situation but, if you can’t go then rest it. Stay off of it until it’s better, no matter how long that takes. Using it as it’s injured could only make it worse and lead to prolonged recovery or serious injury

  • Kamilla-Denmark

    August 6, 2009 at 2:14 pm

    Meleania – I really think that you should see a doctor… I know it costs money, but isn’t your health worth it? There could be something seriously wrong with your wrist since it keeps hurtigt and you have reduced mobility of the wrist.. Just to be on the safe side, and for your own good, see a doctor… Then you know for sure, and wont have to worry about it!

    I hope you feel better soon !!

  • jessydazzi

    August 6, 2009 at 2:50 pm

    i think you went to the Doc. and when you take iboprofen medicament-forget-it is for the pain. you have to ask your Doc for : Diclofenac

    It’s for chronic inflammation, you can do to cover with ointment with diclofenac. painkillers have no result, because they helps for the moment by you felling pain!but i think you have a inflammation in your bowstring (sinew). Diclofenac or kind of the thing from the chemical group is for pain and inflammation.
    here is a list from difficult medicaments you can use, you can ask your doc for one of these:
    Agilomed (A), Algefit (A), Allvoran (D), Arthrex (D), Dedolor (A), Deflamat (A), Deflamm (A), Diclabeta (D), Diclac (D, CH), Difene (A), Difen-Stulln (D, CH), Dolgit-Diclo (D), Dolostrip (A), Dolpasse (A), Ecofenac (CH), Effekton (D), Effigel (CH), Fenisole (CH), Flam-X (CH), Flector (D, CH), Fortenac (CH), Inflamac (CH), Jutafenac (D), Monoflam (D), Olfen (CH), Pennsaid (A), Primofenac (CH), Relowa (CH), Rewodina (D), Solaraze (D, A), Tonopan (CH), Tratul (A), Vifenac (CH), Voltaren (D, A, CH), Voltfast (CH)

    i found a page with english language, you can buy there Diclofenac compounds. my english is not so good and i dont really know if this page is reliable, you have to check what they write. the link:

    But please, dont use Painkillers- they are good for moment, when you fell pain in the head or what else.

    i hope i can help you a little bit.

    beste greets from germany

  • effini

    August 8, 2009 at 6:31 am

    I had a similar issue. The pop happened during class warmup but the pain came later. I got xrays and was told there was no break. What I didn’t know, till a month later, was that the urgent care center called back the next day and said there was a possible separation in my wrist. By the time I got that message, my wrist felt okay – but now it "cracks" (like cracking knuckles) daily and my chiro "adjusts" it on every visit because it’s never in the joint correctly.

    I HIGHLY recommend you see a doctor. 10 weeks of pain is not anything minor. You may have a fracture. Or maybe you’ll be lucky and it will just be out of joint – something a good chiro might be able to fix for you.

  • isabella

    August 10, 2009 at 3:01 am

    Hi there, I am an x-ray tech and have some advice for you…you really need to see a doctor pronto soooo…call to a local hospital and ask if they have, or know of, a free clinic…many hospitals offer free services once or twice a week for a few hours. Also, depending on your financial status you may qualify for free programs…I’m from Ohio and we have "Caresource"…I’m not sure if Caresource is nationwide or just in Ohio.

    You mentioned "numbness"…sometimes that is a symptom of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, CTS can be caused by repetitive motion.

    Your new lack of flexibility comes from wearing the brace a lot…when you limit your range of motion that long those muscles and tendons tighten. Also when you restrict movement in one area then other areas must compensate for it, you may have noticed soreness in your upper arm or shoulder after wearing the brace (in the daytime) for a while. Wearing the brace may or may not be good for you…it depends on what your injury is and only a doctor can diagnose you correctly!

    Absolute worse case scenario you could go to and pay $9 to have a doctor give you advice but most likely they will advise you to seek in-person care.

    Please pursue care for this…10 weeks is too long to be in pain like that hun!

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