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  • WOOOO Finally shoulder mount sucess!!!

    Posted by amberpoledancer on November 10, 2009 at 4:59 pm

    Hi every one i just thought id jump on here and tell everyone that i finally finally managed to do a shouldermount!!! Oh my god you wont believe how long this move has taken me and how frustrated its gotten me! Iv been trying with no sucess for the best part of a year..yes a YEAR to get one bloody move. No other move has given me so much difficulty. Iv been able to do most advanced moves for ages but this one just seemed impossible and i was getting really embarrassed and feeling like a failure with it. I signed up to studio veena a few months ago and asked for help with it (as no other pole school has managed to teach me it) I realised that one i had major pole fear with this move and was convinced that as soon as i inverted id either break my collar bone or fall on my head. Two i had my grip all wrong. I had always been taught to grip in a double cup position,and this felt all wrong for me. Veena told me to check out the wikipole site and it showed me other ways to grip in a shouldermount. I now use the chinese forward grip which is the easiest for me (even thought im prob the only one that does lol) And three i had been trying to swing my outer leg up into this move which i know realise is wrong and prob a bit dangerous (again this is how i was taught at other pole schools) I saw a link on here the other day that showed me how to do the shouldermount prance and some strengthening techniques. They really helped me realise that i needed to engage my abs and use them to help me get my legs up as well as my shoulder and arm strength. As soon as i did it i could feel it in my stomach muscles, almost the same way i feel it when i do an Inverted V (or chopper) You shuda seen me giggling like a loon as soon as i manged to invert and do my first SM then a little lap of victory round the house followed by an excited phonecall to my husband to tell him what id done! lol… I know ,i know im a bit nuts but i couldnt help it, it feels like iv just discovered the holy grail or something!!

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