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    Posted by SissyBuns on August 19, 2009 at 12:26 pm

    I had an awesome practice lastnight and I don’t know where it came from LOL. Maybe it was that redbull….

    So many things I had been working on happened all of a sudden!

    Iguana mount! On the first try? I saw it on youtube earlier that day and I thought to myself…I can do that. And what do ya know…I showed it to my husband and he wasn’t impressed LMAO!

    And what’s it called when you do it and hold your body up in a straight line parallell (sp) with the pole? A pencil? I’m not sure… but I did that too and for a good bit of time. and I was able to do it several times. Of course when I decided to try one more and then get my camera I fell off and nearly broke my neck so I put that one to bed for the night, lol. Then…

    … my nemesis the inverted crucifix came easily and I almost did a caterpillar. I was never even able to try that before.

    RG to Reverse Pinwheel combination. I haven’t been able to do this without hitting my knee on the pole, but I did it.

    Chopper! I have been trying the chopper for weeks. It just happened. I give this credit to Roxy for the videos she made me. I think they prepared my abs and hips for the motion because before I just couldn’t get my butt upside down LOL.

    There were also a bunch of small things, stregnth holds and exercises I have been doing that are getting stronger. Holds like the sit and plank that don’t hurt so much.

    I am just so excited. It feels good to see progress, you know? Especially since I’m so busy it seems like I hardly ever get to pole and I was starting to get bummed because I feel behind when you look at how long I’ve been poling and compare it to what I can do. I was starting to think about lying about my "pole age" and tell folks I only been poling a month so they’d be impressed LOL.

    Anywho I would try it again and make a vid tonight but I actually got invited to a pole party at this studio I’ve been hearing a lot about in Washington DC called The P-Spot. I’m super excited about going so be prepared to hear all about that tomorrow!

    Thanks for listening…LOL.

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