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    Posted by Foxy_Rei on June 26, 2009 at 1:17 am

    I’ll probably get what I am now calling "Glitter’s curse" and won’t be able to do this again for a long time, but…

    Tonight I did a SHOULDER MOUNT!!!!

    I had to cheat a bit but it’s progress and I’m happy!!! I leaned back a bit when I did it so my body was at more of a slant. Advantage: you’re closer to the ground and your legs don’t have quite as far to travel. Disadvantage: You’re forced to not kick your leg as much because of the awkward position. So I didn’t cheat by kicking that time. I did it again from more of a standing position and barely got my feet over my head that time, but it was from the pain of the pole against my shoulder more than ab strength.

    But it was an awesome feeling when I saw my feet go up and over my head! I went right into a crucifix and just hung there dumbfounded for a while before the blood started rushing to my head… I’ve been kinda in a pole rut lately between my wrist bothering me (I actually decided to work on the SM instead of my handstand against the pole because of my wrist… go figure) and overtime at work and trying to make our house look like a house instead of a trailer off a lot on COPS. So it was an awesome feeling…

    Oh and a little less exciting: last night when I practiced I was able to do an elbow stand up into a reverse cross ankle release thing were you end in a pole sit… you know what I’m talking about??? It was really cool but didn’t thrill me… but the SM does!

    I’m gonna go practice a bit more, then be super sure to stretch and maybe massage my shoulder… hehe I have a feeling it’s going to be sore tomorrow

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  • 5 Replies

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