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    Posted by ottersocks on October 6, 2009 at 4:30 pm

    OK, so if you’re a small-breasted woman, this thread is going to make no sense to you.
    But I just had to share my joy with the others who are amply endowed out there.
    I am a small person–size 4. However, I was "blessed" with a 32/4 DD chest. As a result, I have never run or done any other vigorous athletics (before pole.) I’ve never owned a sportsbra before because I didn’t want my breasts compressed in that hot, uncomfy tube of fabric.
    Advanced pole work has been challenging in that I have to flip my shirt up and down all the time to expose belly skin.
    So last weekend, I ventured into the Champion store. Lo and behold, they make sportsbras up to sizes way bigger than I am. And the bras are great–they have a real underwire bra inside what looks like a cut-off tight tank top. So they provide lots of support, but also look really nice and presentable.
    Last night I spent 3 hours practicing with Fleur, teaching a class, and taking a class. My new bra worked great! It was so comfy, and I was really happy to be able to take my shirt off and just DANCE!
    Like I said, may seem silly to some. But this is pretty life-changing for me!

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