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  • Solya

    April 15, 2010 at 10:27 pm

    I found this quite useful:

    I stretch about 3 times a week. If I do it more often my muscles and tendons hurt so I always wait for the pain to subside before I stretch again. I do 20 mins on the cross trainer or the treadmill to warm up and then go on to stretching.

    What I found quite motivating is to time yourself, like I get into the splits and hold it there for 45 seconds or 1 minute. If you time yourself it motivates you to stay in the stretching position even if it hurts and you’d come out of it otherwise.

    Resistance stretching is also very effective if you have someone to help you. If you google it there’s plenty of information on it.

    The most important thing is to keep stretching regularly, even if you don’t see a noticeable improvement. If it hurts too much, doesn’t get better etc just give it a break for a few days. You’ll see that there will be some improvement when you try again. I had about 30cm left in the side splits and it took me 2 weeks with regular stretching to get my bum down on the ground

  • Miccalicious

    April 23, 2010 at 10:16 pm

    well i’m new to the whole pole thing but have the spilts down since i was in ballet. Now i’m learning how to do them the other way. Just like they told us I just try to do it at least once or twice a day and just go that tiny bit farther each time. If you tell your subconscious mind you can do the spilts, your body will allow you to do so!!!(through practice and patience.)

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