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  • Shoulder Mobility test!

    Posted by Veena on October 13, 2023 at 8:36 pm

    Do you dream of learning Reverse grabs, Eagle/Adv. Ballerina, Twisted Ballerina, Ayesha or Handstands? Test your shoulder mobility first!

    Did you know you that above average shoulder mobility is recommended before working on these tricks? Yep! This doesn’t mean just flexiblity or only strength, you need both working together to prevent injury.

    Today I’m sharing a free clip on how to test if you’re body is ready for moves like ballerina and reverse grabs.

    Did you pass the test?

    If you felt any pinching, pain, tightness or tingling you’ll want to work on your mobility before learning any of the tricks I’ve listed. If you didn’t pass the test, that’s ok, try my Active shoulder mobility routine I still work on all of the exercises used in the routine even though I can easily pass the test.

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