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  • SO pissed off I could cry!!

    Posted by Hockey_Soldier on July 6, 2009 at 5:32 am

    I’m sorry for throwing up a whiny/venting post so soon but you guys are truely the only ones who can understand where I’m coming from. Had I told anyone else I was having problems with my pole….well lets just say that on a whole we in the military have not always been famous for being the most enlightened individuals all the time.

    Reasons why I want chocolate/to cry/to rip someone’s head off:

    1.) I bought a peice of crap pole. Not a highly open minded area so the only places that sell them are Spencers and porn shops (not even a nice porn shop, would not feel comfortable touching anything I brought home from that place with bare hands!)

    I didn’t freaking know any better, I hadn’t found this site yet so looking at the box of the Peekaboo pole I saw Carmen Electra. Hmm, if anyone would know their way around a pole it would certainly be her (yes, slurs implied here!) She wouldn’t endorse one made like crap, with joints I KNOW are going to take skin off, or is nearly too big to fit a hand around. Carmen Electra wouldn’t do that…..oh wait! SHE DID! GRRRRRRR!!!! I want my money back and one free shot to pop her in the face (neither of which is going to happen but hey, a girl can dream)

    2.) My man has STILL not installed it. Yeah, I know its not the greatest but its at least vertical and stable (no wait, its in three peices in a bag in the closet!) I went out and bought him a brand spanking new level and a stud finder,which I am COMPLETELY incabible of working and or understand cus yeah, he wanted the uuber nice one and I just wanted a project completed. Only one of us got our wish. Gee…guess which one!

    3.) Frustrated and pissed off I went and tried to follow the equally as misleading instructions (in my defense at least I didn’t end up with extra pieces) and managed to get it wedged up under the ceiling without being screwed in cus I didn’t want to start a fight over it. No I didn’t break my neck, I stayed with SUPER newbie moves which STILL kicked my butt.

    4.) The day AFTER I get it at least vertical my father drops by two days early which means I need to put him up in the spare bedroom and scramble to take the pole down after all that hard work. Im begining to be more and more serious about wanting to slap Carmen Electra the more I work with this stupid thing.

    5.) Ok, Dad’s gone, we’ve talked it over and now we’ve decided to put it in our bedroom so we wont have to explain it to any other guests. (Dad would have given birth to kittens right there on the carpet no matter HOW much explaining I did) When I say "we will put it up" it translates literally to me attempting to try to install this with (no lie) every single object working against me.

    The drill is hiding, the stud finder smokes crack and I swear doesnt work, the pole is loose at the metal joint parts, the ceiling is a popcorn ceiling and does not taste good if you get it in your mouth (just FYI), he’s out of town for the entire weekend and will look at me like I have three heads if I remind him he PROMISED to get it done before he left.

    So yeah….if I hear the words joist, support beam or extender before oh I dunno….Thursday, I will slap someone. Dont worry Carmen Electra, there’s plenty more where that came from. Got a backhand waiting just for you dear.

    Charley replied 14 years, 11 months ago 7 Members · 6 Replies
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  • PoleDanceABCs

    July 6, 2009 at 11:03 am

    *hugs* Sorry about the pole. I hope you can get a better one soon! I’m surprised when celebs endorse crap they probably would never use themselves. It is total marketing bull… dung.

    And I find that some Army peeps are super cool and others are so ignorant! Everyone here on base has been so supportive… Even at Ft. Stewart I knew several ladies who owned a pole. This sweet mom of 3 who just got here is like, "I used to be a dancer, that is how I met my hubby" and a female soldier my hubby works with wants to give it a go. This other time we locked ourselves out of the house and the MPs always have to do a sweep of the house… and of course my pole was set up in the living room (pretty much always is). So I thought the guy was going to laugh or say something rude but he was totally cool about and said he used to be a dancer. Maybe you should come to Mannheim!

  • Notradaya

    July 6, 2009 at 12:45 pm

    I know it’s probably not what you want to hear so take a deep breath…

    maybe all these struggles with this pole are a sign that you shouldn’t use it! it could be the universe trying to save your poor little body from some unknown pending doom on the suicide pole. okay, it’s not that bad, but it really is an unsafe pole. i know i know i know… you really really want to get on the pole, but I’m hoping by now you’ve read the reviews of that pole… bad bad news… even for a newbie… especially considering that if you really like pole as much as you seem to so far you’ll want to get better fast, and you’ll really be limited with the moves you’ll be able to safely do on the peekaboo pole. so… try not to hate me and my opinion, and maybe consider saving your dollars for a bit to get an xpole, or a platinum stages pole. SOOOO much safer babe…

    i wish you the best of luck in your frustration, i know how irritating it can be when you just want the damn thing up!

  • babymaddy_2007

    July 6, 2009 at 1:21 pm

    For the majority I dont think you have to worry about soldiers saying anything! I am a veteran, and here I am, and a few of my lady soldier friends are attempting this also!! Most of the guys we know, crack jokes about dancing for them, or how we could keep them busy during deployments(just perverted guy jokes) but other then that no one that I am aware of really cares. Now Im sure you may get a few stares and some comments made, but dont let that discourage you, military or not that will happen because people have a distorted view of the pole! If it makes you happy and you feel good doing it then screw everyone else!
    O and my hubby wouldnt put mine up either, so I installed my pole all by myself, stud finder, level, drill, all by my lonesome, and when he got home, he was like WOW!! U did a great job! Guess you dont need me!! hehehehe I guess I dont!!!lol
    just have fun!!

  • perrylilac

    July 6, 2009 at 2:14 pm

    I’m sorry you’re having so much trouble. I am in the same boat as you as far as the pole thing goes. I ordered a pole not knowing what to go with and it was the peek-a-boo pole also. I couldn’t set it up for anything, the thing is quite ridiculous. My husband saved the day and every other day he has to adjust it and tighten it because even with little ‘ol me swinging on it it loosens up easily. I haven’t had any problems with it taking skin off. I’ve never caught myself. It really is a piece of crap but for right now it’s serving it’s purpose for me. I figure I’ll get started on it and in a 6 months or so I’ll invest in the right pole. Don’t let it get you down! Some women on here have home made pole’s! Your husband/bf (I can’t remember if you were married) needs to set it up. He should be able to understand the impossible instructions, (it was Greek to me) and tighten it up for ya. Hang in there and DON’T GIVE UP!

  • SissyBuns

    July 6, 2009 at 5:16 pm

    I’m so sorry to hear your frustration I hope you’re able to get it installed eventually (even though I really want to say don’t even waste your time on it) but I know the exact boat that you’re in because I did the exact same thing. I started with the Flirty Girl and got a flirty hole in my cieling, then a Carmen Electra/Pole Aerobics pole. After realizing I had wasted my money on them I had to wait until I could get my xpole….and those two poles just sat in my closet…mocking me….LOL.

    Hopefully you’ll be able to get it up if you’re going to still use it. I know how it feels when you just wanna pole and you can’t .

  • Charley

    July 6, 2009 at 5:19 pm

    I’m with Notradaya – these poles should not be danced on. When I was 110lbs I brought one down. I was very lucky not have gotten seriously injured but other people have. One story I’ll never forget – an instructor said a student of hers bought the peek a boo, it came down (ofcourse it did) and she spent 4 days in the hospital with multiple injuries.

    These poles are very dangerous even if you’re only doing spins. Many people have seriously injured themselves and many have not returned to pole dancing because of the magnitude of injury.

    Peek a boo poles do not have reinforced joints which means they can break in half – I’ve heard of the CE pole breaking in half. They also rip out of the ceiling and if you spin counter clockwise the pole will untighten.

    I’m sorry a few of you have gotten stuck with these poles – I did too in the beginning and after the first time it came down I stopped using it and had to wait a while to get a new pole but it was better to wait then to dance on something that is unstable and you never know when it will come down.

    I still have my peek a boo and cannot bring myself to give the POS to anyone or let them try it. It’s always fun in class to bring it in and bring it down – it takes nothing to do this.

    So I really want everyone using these poles to be forewarned. I don’t sell poles, I have nothing to gain by urging people not to use these things. I just don’t want to see people get hurt. I know what it is like to have to buy a second pole when you already spent $100 on a pole, I know what it’s like to be afraid of pole dancing, I know what it is like to have to wait and save up – I know that disappointment. But it’s better to pole safely – even if that means not at all for awhile.

    I hope you can get a real pole soon.

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