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    Posted by London on August 26, 2009 at 5:53 pm

    I am SOOO excited I have to share my news with everyone here!! So last night was the amateur night at the club near my house and a bunch of my friends and I went so I could enter… it was just two other girls and me but one of them admitted to being a dancer from another club which I don’t think is fair but oh well… so we all went on and did our thing and guess what…. I WON!!!!! And I had sooo much fun doing it too! Now I know why clubs use their amateur nights to recruit sometimes haha. It was a little crummy though that the girl who was a dancer got really bitter afterward and my friend said she was badmouthing me on the way out, and I was nothing but friendly and encouraging to the other girls! The third girl was super sweet and fun at least.

    Anyway afterward all I could think of was wanting to come here and tell all you guys because this site is so fun and supportive! Thanks for indulging me

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