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    Posted by huladoll714 on February 26, 2010 at 4:30 pm

    I just had major abdominal surgery 2.5 weeks ago. Prior to that, I hadn’t pole danced in almost 2 months ’cause of my illness which led to the surgery.

    I’m home recovering right now from my surgery. My doctor says I’ll make a full recovery, but has advised me to take it easy for the next couple months and placed restrictions on lifting, bending, pushing, pulling….pretty much all strenuous physical activity. Yet, he still wants me to be active ?! How?

    When I signed up for my first pole dance class, I was just intrigued by it. But then it really changed my life….I was getting fitter, stronger, and more confident about myself and my body. And I’ve met some really talented girls and made lifelong friends with some of them. Also, I think pole dancing helped to strengthen my core, which in turn is helping with the healing process…..2 years + 20 pounds ago, I don’t think I would have fared as well from the surgery as I am doing today.

    Anyway, I really miss pole dancing! I never realized how much passion I had for it until now. Two of my good friends work at the pole studio I used to frequent, but now when we get together I feel so out of the loop since I haven’t been in awhile. And instead of congratulating them, I feel jealous sometimes when they share they’ve accomplished a new trick or invert….but really I’m just feeling sorry for myself.

    My husband has refused to take down my pole at home in hopes that I will get back to the level where I left off…..but every time I see it, it just makes me sad But I’m thankful that he’s being soo supportive.

    I’m definitely needing some encouragement right now….I was wondering if anyone here has encountered a similar situation, and how long it took them to get back to it. One of my friends said it took her 6 months after she had a c-section! That to me is a loonnngg time!

    I’m hoping at my next doctor’s visit 3 months out, he will be able to release some of the restrictions. I know I won’t be able to jump right in and do inverts or many intermediate tricks that require more strength right away, but I worry if I will ever have the core strength again to do any of it. And how do I bring up this topic with the doctor? I didn’t have the nerve to tell him I pole dance for fitness

    Anyway, if anyone has any advice or words of encouragement I would definitely appreciate it! Also, any suggestions or ideas on what I can do in the meantime?? Thanks!!!

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