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  • Rant: Why do I get judgment when I need it least?!

    Posted by poledanceromance on May 24, 2010 at 2:18 pm

    The past week has been crazy. I graduated college. I turned 22. I got drunk with one of my good guy friends, and he revealed he’s had a crush on me for years and kissed me. The guy is also a friend of my boyfriend’s, who is understandably not so thrilled. But I’m being honest with him and we will work it out together. The problem is that I’m in Chicago now. The timing just worked out that my boy problem BS would have to go down before I have to leave my man for a week. So I really hope he doesn’t sit and stew on it too bad. I just needed to clear my head so badly, and I didn’t bring my pole.

    So I waited last night until all the little kids were off the playground by my house so I wouldn’t punt anyone and went to go work out. I wasn’t going anything "too sexy" because of the location. Just practicing split grip butterflies and straight edges, and shoulder mounts and superinverts. Basically, doing everything strenuous I could do in jeans to help me meditate on my life and wear myself out physically to bring me some calm.

    Well, a gaggle of kids from the local high school wanders up, three girls and two guys. All three of the girls were overweight, two of the girls I think easily qualified as obese. The guys they were with noticed me and I hear them go "wow, check this out." Not really in a sexy way, just a "wow that’s crazy!" kind of way. That I’m used to. I figure as long as they keep their distance and are respectful I’ll keep going. The girls look over mid butterfly (a damn good butterfly, I might add) and basically start screaming awful things at me.
    "What the F*** is THIS?!"
    "This ain’t no F***IN "name of local strip joint" SLUT!"
    etc. etc.

    Not wanting to get the cops called on me for murdering three teenage girls in broad daylight, I retreated to my car without saying anything. They were just so heated, I really just did NOT want the cops called over it. But I had my checkbook in my purse, and I just kept thinking "if you can get on this shitty playground pole and do literally ANY ONE THING I just did, I will write you a check for $100 right now." Damn lazy mean whippersnappers I just really need to let it out…and I can’t let it out. At all

    EDIT to say: sucks most because I did some basic trapeze moves on the stationary trapeze bars at the playground (this playground is my dream, higher and lower trapeze bars PLUS full monkey bar set AND three fireman poles, all powder coated and super grippy) and a different mixed-gender group of junior high/highschoolers took a little notice but only a little, and kept their mouths shut. I hate stereotypes. I’m so….ARGH!!!

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  • megs982

    May 24, 2010 at 3:20 pm

    They are just jealous that you got more attn from those guys then they do..Jelousy really does bring out the worst in ppl unfortunetly Sorry to hear you’ve been having just a crummy couple of days.. But happy belated bday and grats on the graduation

  • chemgoddess1

    May 24, 2010 at 4:26 pm

    I would have let the cops come. You had just as much right to be there as they did. I also would have said that I did not have the chest to work at "name of local strip club" but you obviously think that I have skills, so I will take that as a compliment!

    Do not let people like that drag you to their level. By getting upset and leaving they "won". You were doing nothing wrong.

  • PsychoticAndrea

    May 24, 2010 at 10:14 pm

    Dont let those littles things get to you. Their in highschool, and highschool girls cry, yell, laugh, get mad, upset, jealous, happy, blah blah over EVERYTHING! And if it were their boyfriends they had to act stupidier. Boys, men, all males are visual creatures doesnt matter if hes with a super model he’ll still look and its a fact that we all have to get used to it and know its nothing to be harmed off, those girls are still young and havnt learned the things of a female thats your age. So I dont even see why it matters, let it go, they were just letting their jealousy out, some do it like that and hopefully they learn that it was immature or they’ll grow up being trash.

  • Cynthia D

    May 25, 2010 at 3:05 pm

    just jealous! anytime someone wants to knock my pole, it’s either because that girl wishes she could do what i do, or he’s mad his girl wont do it. don’t let it get to you doll. keep up the great work!

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