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  • Runemist34

    January 11, 2010 at 5:24 am

    I forgot!
    Instead of buying a DVD, I could also take instruction on this transition thing. I’ve gotten so used to just walking around the pole between moves, it just looks like a series of spins and poses with walking punctuating, and I don’t find that it’s very "dance" oriented. I’d love to just dance rather than work on moves, you know?
    So, if anyone can give me some really in-depth advice (you could even e-mail me! I’d love a pole penpal!) on transitions, and really just getting into the groove without working on moves, I would be SO GRATEFUL! That would possibly be the best thing, ever. Seriously.
    So, if anyone is up for that, you would save me money (thus giving this poor, starving student an act of charity ) and help a fellow dancer feel more like she’s dancing. Then I could even subscribe a little earlier to Veena’s lessons, and maybe I would progress like crazy!
    So…what I’m really asking is…Help me?

  • miss fern

    January 11, 2010 at 1:31 pm

    Honestly, the best way to work on transitions is just to feel your body. If you can’t afford dance training, you’re going to have to invent your style of your for yourself. So dance around without your pole. Don’t try something in particular like the tango, or a waltz. Just put on music and move – and try to emulate a ballet dancer. I think this is the best way to force yourself to be graceful and flowy. When you’re just beginning on dance moves and transitions, it’s best to avoid club dancing or hip hop, because this is harder to integrate beautifully with the pole. (Of course, it can be done magnificently, but IMO takes more skill, otherwise just looks kinda clumsy).

    Rememver – the aim is not to actually look like a ballet dancer. Or do actual ballet moves. You’re just feeling the VIBE of ballet to try and get yourself to move your limbs in a graceful, deliberate and pretty fashion. And who cares if what you make up looks crappy? Did your first fireman look great? Did your first backward knee hook look amazing? Probably not. Same deal with every kind of dance

    So my advice, on top of just trying to go with the flow is to watch youtube vids and copy very specific sections. Like just 3 steps or something. Pick a part that looks very beautiful. Like say, Veena’s Pole Art vid to Enya. Choose a 5 second segment you like and pause and rewind, pause and rewind, until you copy it.

    Then, go back to your own stuff. But try to channel a dancer you love, the ones you were copying, or imagine that you’re 4 again and pretending to be a princess or a ballet dancer. Something like that. Do it with your eyes closed sometimes.

    Feel the music and just wander round your room, moving your hips, dragging your (pointed) toes, playing with your arms etc. And try in front of the mirror too. Like I said before – DON’T hate on yourself. It may look awkward now, but so did everything pole move I tried for the first 6 months. Give yourself a break. Learn to detach yourself from your reflection emotionally. Forget your ego. Be clinical and objective about it. ‘That didn’t look right – maybe this will’, rather than ‘Oh I suck’.

    So just do one thing in front of the mirror like a hip roll, or practice isolating your shoulders and doing a boob shimmy. It can take AGES so don’t get too caught up in it, and torture yourself. Just enjoy. And when you feel better moving in your body and walking with a sway, and when you are comfortake stretching out your legs with pointed toes, holding up your chin, doing a sexy hair flick, doing figure eights with your hips, twirling around, etc etc. THEN start to try these things around your pole. Join them together, round and round your pole, sometimes fast sometimes slow, sometimes pause. Etc. But never over think!

    I know, how can you ‘not overthink’ after all that info I just gave you. LOL. But the advice I wrote is intended to be in stages, so come back to this thread every now and again (I’m sure some other posters will have excellent tips too), and work on each of the things I mentioned whenever you can.

    Good luck!

  • Runemist34

    January 11, 2010 at 4:37 pm

    Hey Georgia!
    Wow, that was an impressive amount of information! I think I really like that idea though, of working on each thing I want individually, and then putting them together. I’ve got some things down already (like pointed toes!) but…
    I’m never sure what specifically would be worked on to move through pole dancing as a dance? It might sound like I’m overthinking or making things difficult, but seriously, if I’m going from one spin into the next, I’m never really sure what to do between the two, that gives each move a logical flow (or perhaps an illogical but pretty one). Like, a REASON I’m turning and doing a back hook spin! Does that seem odd?
    I suppose the other thing is that I may have a different idea of "move" than other people. Hip rolls I was told was a "move," or a bodywave.
    Anyways, I look forward to more answers

  • chemgoddess1

    January 11, 2010 at 5:04 pm

    I think the best videos out there for transitions and such is S Factor. They stress dance and sensual-ness over tricks. I know that Shawn Frances Lee just came out with a DVD called Slink Slide and Melt but I am not sure about the content.

  • verucablue

    January 11, 2010 at 7:15 pm

    The S factor DVD is great for dance…also here are a few things that have helped me:

    Spend a few practices actually dancing and not doing any tricks on the pole.

    -do floor work
    -do chair work
    -do wall work
    -do just turns around the pole or slides or pole bends etc.

    Spend some practice time doing a dance with just wall, just chair, just floor, just turns around the pole…this helps as well.

    Doing floor work with your eyes closed or blindfolded (if you have enough room to do it safely )and taping it is also a huge – no pun intended – eye opener…it allows you to move freely without thinking about it too much and helps you just let go.

    Try thinking about your space and new ways to encompass it. It’s not just the space around the pole or up and down the pole but the space you have to dance in. Think of the different levels of pole space as well.. whether or not you are vertical on the pole or horizontal, top of the pole…on the bottom of the pole etc.

    Take the pole out of the equation for a bit and transition moves that you are good at or enjoy should come out

  • vickiezoo

    January 12, 2010 at 12:53 pm

    I have lost alot of stregth of late due to not being able toprctise and I find that just dancing and working on transitions has helped me a lot, I feelmore fluent and you’feel’ the music a bit better.

    Here is my latest polejunkies challenge which was transitions, Veena am going to do your chalenge as soon as i get my full strength back..

    and here is a link to my favourite floorworker – Alethea Austin

    she is awesome, enjoy xx

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