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    Posted by Trena on March 30, 2009 at 1:31 am

    Hey gals n guys!
    I promised Id let you all know how my charity pole dance session went! It was FANTASTIC!! Before my lesson there was a Pole Showcase. My pole dance instructor does lessons in a couple of other studios besides her own and some of the girls from the other studios did some routines to show us. First some girls did a routine to Tainted Love by Pussycatdolls. (I learned this routine for a Valentine’s Special, its really cute!) Then some girls did a routine to Britney Spears – I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll. And then another set of girls did a routine to another Pussycatdolls song (cant remember the title). It was a more advanced routine and it was really good. They choreographed it themselves and it was really fun to watch.
    There was a buffet of sandwiches, cocktail sausages, cheese, fruit and loads of other yummy things. There was also a little raffle.
    Then after that there were about 15 of us doing a lesson for a while. I hadnt even met some of these girls before but we all got on soooo well, obviously because of our mutual love for everything pole related!!! During the lesson we also got to try out some hula hoops. But not the ordinary run of the mill, plastic hula hoops from my childhood (which I could never do by the way), these ones were weighted hoops! (I know they dont really have anything to do with pole but it was just for fun!)
    I learned how to do pencil mount!! I also did cupid!! (I really need to get some new pics up!!!)
    We all got into a conversation about youtube pole dancers and one of the girls said: "Oh my God have you seen this one girl called Veena, she’s so graceful and she’s brilliant!" I said, "Yeah Ive seen her and actually she’s a lovely person too!!" Naturally they wanted to know how I know that Veena is lovely so I did plenty of promoting the site!

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