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  • Pole Dance Performance for Cystic fibrosis in philly! 1/31

    Posted by PhillyPoleJess on January 29, 2010 at 5:43 am

    This Sunday Jan 31 my bar will be hosting a fundraiser for cystic fibrosis as we always do. Usually it is mostly local punk bands all the door money, 10%of the register, and raffle ticket sales go to the cause.

    My boss asked if I would want to do a performance during the concert. This was only two days ago so i was reluctant knowing i wouldn’t be able to create two routines. They wanted me to do three but that is just crazy in the amount of time i have to prepare, especially since I have to work Fri, Sat all evening and sunday will be behind the bar serving until 30 mins before i perform!

    So here is the game plan!!!!
    George Thorogood- bad to the bone (up to about 3:00) This is going to be a chair/pole/semi-strip routine
    David Bowie and NIN – i’m afraid of americans (around 2:36 I am going to turn it into spinning) The first part is going to be me and total badassness and the second on spinning. Although only moderately skilled on spinning i realize this can be very impressive (to the untrained eye) with intermediate tricks. Saturday i will practice a little in the studio to both songs esp on spinny to see if is something i really want to do! Also i just need to dance to the songs a few times to get in the habit of doing similar things and pacing myself!

    What do you ladies think? Do you think that is too short of a performance time? There are about 12 other bands that day. Think spinny is a good idea or just stick to static the whole time?
    Any tips for stage? I am very NERVOUS! My b/f is supposed to tape me!

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