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    Posted by halfjack on November 12, 2009 at 12:01 pm

    Okay. Basically I have always had bad posture, I’ve always been taller than my friends and I guess I just tended to slouch a lot, roll my shoulders forward and slump over, so there always seemed to be a slight curve in my upper back and my neck would crane forwards slightly. I didn’t actually NOTICE this it was so normal to me until I went to a specialist about my neck pain and he told me about it. Since then I have been trying my best to stand up straight and improve my posture and I think that exercises I do to strengthen my core for the pole (push ups/crunches etc) are really helping. I definitely have improved, though occasionally I catch myself slumping.

    However I know that I have relied on my upper shoulder/neck muscles do do a lot of stuff that my core SHOULD have been doing, for a lot of years, so as a result the muscles there are pretty strong. SO sometimes when I pole, even though I try really hard to keep my shoulders down and back its hard to stop them doing some of the work.

    Point in case is climbing up the pole. Whenever I climb the pole I can feel my shoulders rising slightly. Is this supposed to happen? Even when I try to keep them as far back as possible they always end up rising. And when I try to do it without rising my shoulders at all, I find that I cant even get an inch up the pole, whereas the other way I can climb to the top.

    I may post a video or something showing how much they rise because I suppose otherwise its hard to tell. In my most recent video I do a pole climb and my shoulders are pretty high…when I watched it back I knew that was too high. They aren’t as high as that at all when I pole climb now, but they are slightly raised.

    What I want to ask is…are they supposed to be raised slightly? Or not at all? because I’ve had such problems with posture in the past I literally don’t know whats normal and what not anymore. If your shoulders are supposed to be completely fixed and down during pole climb then thats scary because I can’t even get off the ground like that!
    I just wanna check that I’m doing this the right way, I want to improve in the right areas.
    Sorry for the epic length of this post guys!

    halfjack replied 14 years, 5 months ago 5 Members · 11 Replies
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