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  • Need to loosen my hip!!

    Posted by HazelHotpants on April 10, 2010 at 10:10 am

    Hey Everyone,

    Had a flick to see if there was already a post on hip pain. But couldn’t see one. So… sorry If i am repeating anything.

    Basically, my right hip is quite painful. More like a ‘stuck’ feeling. It is ok to walk, but say if I wanted to lift my leg i can almost feel a grinding feeling, or it generally just doesn’t want to go any higher. So going up the stairs is a bit of a struggle. (oh and i am only 24… lol)

    Now it has been like this for a couple of days now, and I have been trying to stretch, even when just walking. I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how to do really good stretches (i am assuming for my hip flexor?)

    I know rest is probably the key here, however, I have to work tonight which involves me poling, think i’ll just have to stick to spins n stuff. But just any advice really to make it better! Or at least not make it worse!

    Also, any tips on how to cover up bruises? got a huge one on the inside of my leg from trying the superman, and don’t fancy dancing in public with them. I may resort to tights as I am not planning on doing any inverted tricks. but would prefer not too.

    Thanks everyone, don’t know who’d id talk to if it wasn’t for SV.

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  • Mindy4pole

    April 11, 2010 at 4:59 am

    Can you describe more about where the pain is? The sudden onset sounds like it is muscle related, but figuring out which one(s) are mad can be a little challenging! =) Were you doing anything different in the day or two before it started hurting? Take a hot bath, and that will probably help some. Also, you can try to put your leg into the position where it just starts to be uncomfortable. Then poke around on the thigh of the hurt leg. See if you can find any spots that change the sensation in your hip. Pay attention to see what muscles seem tight when you are in that position. Muscle pain is often referred, so a lot of times, the injury is somewhere other than where the pain is.

    As for the bruising, I’m not sure about covering them up, but Arnica works great to get them to fade fast. You can find it at most grocery stores with the homeopathic. I’ve been really impressed with it. The sooner you start putting it on a banged area, the faster it heals. Oh, and the kind I have used is in a really light ointment with no oils to interfere with poling.


  • StellarMotion

    April 11, 2010 at 10:36 am

    Hi Hazel,

    I am not sure exactly what causes this, but if I am understanding you correctly, I have had the same recurring problem. It seems almost as though something in the hip flexor is out of place and wants to "pop," even though there isn’t any bone right there! Mind you I am not well-versed enough in physiology to give you a description of what it is, but I can tell you about my experience with this problem.

    For starters, I find that it is mainly triggered by extreme movements. These can be kicks, lifts, or stretches of any magnitude that is outside of my usual range of motion. Activities such as running, flexibility training, or strength training seem to precede the onset of it. I find, in general, that while it is in pain, stretching or exercising that area seems to increase the problem. I assume that some gentle stretching would be fine, but I tend to kind of have a problem doing "gentle" stretches. I have found, however, that after a few days time, or a week, or however long it takes the majority of the discomfort to subside, that to do some moderate strength training does wonders to help protect this area. After mine started to feel better, I began to do some very slow, controlled circular motions with the widest possible range of motion with both my legs, in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions, and from both standing (with a wall or char nearby for balance and stability) and lying positions. Weak hip flexor muscles will "feel the burn" pretty fast.

    For the most part, now, I can split, V-lift, teddy bear, run, and do most other activities and movements that involve extreme contractions, elongations, and exertions from the musculature along the hip flexor without pain.

    One very good stretch for the hip flexor is the warrior pose from Yoga. Another is as follows: if you wish to stretch your right hip flexor, enter a kneeling position by lunging forward with your left leg. Slightly arch your back, and slightly turn your right shoulder forward so that your left pivots back. For a slightly more challenging stretch, you may raise your right arm and lean over to your left side. I’ve heard Veena recommend using the Dove and Bow/Bridge poses for stretching the hip flexors.

    But I would suggest doing only very light stretches, or no stretches at all, until the pain mostly goes away. And when you do begin stretching and exercising it, don’t forget to have a good warm-up first. In my experience, rest has been of the greatest benefit for this problem. Ibuprofen and daily or twice-daily application of an ice pack may be helpful also if there is discomfort even when you are not exerting or stretching the muscle.

  • Layla Duvay

    April 11, 2010 at 4:22 pm

    Wow, thank you David! I’ve been having this problem on and off for years! I went to physio for it last year and I got some stretches, but no exercises. It helped some, but then a few weeks ago, I tried the carousel to boomerang slowly for my March challenge vid and ouch! it was back to square one. I’ve found Bob Cooley’s Lotus On the Wall stretch helpful as well as its cousin, the yoga butterfly stretch and all hip opening stretches in general. There’s a really good podcast that you can download for free called Yoga Today that has a series of hip-opening exercises that bring some relief too! I also recommend their therapeutic knee and shoulder podcasts and their amazing core-strengthening ones.

    Quick question, though David, you mentioned you did slow, controlled circular movements to build strength. Would the standing ones, by any chance resemble ronde de jambe movements? Just curious.

  • Veena

    April 11, 2010 at 5:02 pm

    If I’m understanding correctly…I have had a very similar if not the same issue for years…..

    It usually last a few days but I went a few weeks once with that feeling of needing to pop/locked hip. It was not fun. This is what seems to help me.

    I HAVE to warm up well before I do any exercise…..if I get too cold, say for instance in a cold swimming pool and I jump in and start swimming while cold, I will have that tight/locked hip start to flare up. Happens every time! So HEAT is very helpful. Also to free up my hip I do small hip rolls, really focusing on pressing the hips forward….gently. It can be painful when its locked but it does work. Another preventive measure that has been helpful for me is to use a tennis ball. After a work out or if I’m feeling stiff at night, I will place the tennis ball under my bum. Switching between above the "sits" bone and then below. Applying as much pressure as I feel I need. Then I lay prone/face down and place the ball under my hip. OMG it really works out the kinks and is a wonderful way to get a bit of a massage without needing someone else to help you. Strengthening the hips has been helpful too, just be sure to WARM UP FIRST AND STRETCH AFTER.

    I’ll be posting a lesson for this tennis ball trick too in the future

    So this is what works for me…

    Warm up
    Gentle stretching
    hip rolls
    Strengthen Both hip flexors and extensors
    Tennis ball massage

  • HazelHotpants

    April 11, 2010 at 5:56 pm

    oh wow, thank you guys so much!!!!!

    so david, have you always been able to do the splits? or did u have to practice doing them? Just because I have been trying for months at practicing doing the splits, and I am now worried I have gone back to square one? Obviously I have not tried doing them since I hurt my hip.

    I’m really not a fan of Bob Cooleys lotus pose, on the wall or the floor. I don’t know why. Most stretches a LLOOVVEEEE doing. Just that one i don’t feel the same sought of satisfaction!! Most likely I am not doing it right.

    And Veena, I am so gonna try the tennis ball massage, that sounds amazing!! And i would never of come up with that idea!

    Also, I think this is the same problem, when I do a move like the CAR/CKR… or anything move where I have to cross my legs on the pole… sometimes my leg gets stuck and i kinda have to ‘pop it’ it when I am getting off.

    I have also noticed, saying if I am standing… this is with both my legs… if i raise my knee, then move it in a circular motion I can feel… and hear my hip click, or some sort of grinding sound. This is a different feeling to what i have now.

    I think to conclude, I just have very dodgey hips and gonna try every ones suggestions cos really wanna get the splits (but i know not to rush)

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