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  • I want to hear YOUR story of poling in Your Life

    Posted by Buterflii on March 29, 2009 at 6:49 am

    I’m in Milwaukee, and I don’t see any classes here, so it would be so nice to hear some of your stories before spending $300 on a pole!!!! Right

    It looks and sounds fun, if challenging… My friend and I made up a playground pole routine on the tilted poles for slides or swings or whatever in 6th grade. It was SO fun and addictive.

    Could you tell me how it was in the beginning, why you tried it, how you managed to buy your $?00 pole, how you feel about it now, what advantages/ disadvantages it has for you, etc?

    I know I need strength training, I want to spend more time stretching, and this seems like one of the most fun/interesting ways to do it. I almost feel like I’m more apt to do it if there’s like a ‘taboo’, like I’m not supposed to do it according to certain parts of society. You know how it is doing things you’re SUPPOSED to do …Like my new Gillian Michaels strength training video… Like, it seems like more irreverent fun than obligation.

    I have a great elliptical I bought used on craigslist for $375, sold new for $600.
    I wonder how happy I’d be after spending $300 on an x-pole…?

    You tell me 🙂

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  • Rouge_LAmour

    March 29, 2009 at 7:09 am

    as my husband teases me, I loved the sport so much, I bought the company.
    So yes, I got my poles the crazy way, I part own a studio… but we have 11 poles for me to play on!

    It’s a great workout and is way more fun than the gym, as an avowed exercise hater, I happily pole anything up to 10 hours per week. On top of chair routines, dance fitness and Bollywood dancing. My previous exercise was walking the path from the road / bus stop / supermarket to my house.

    Pole is fun, it builds great strength (physical and mental) and is very good for toning the body.
    The most toning I’ve noticed is in the puku (tummy), the tush and my arms.

  • SaschaPoles

    March 29, 2009 at 2:32 pm

    welcome to the site!

    i got into pole dancing when i was at a bar and saw two older women swinging around a pole, i raced up to them and asked them to show me how to do it, where they learned, etc and started taking lessons. ive seen a complete transformation in my body, im more confident and have learned so much about myself. i bought a bad pole (platinum stages) as my first pole but it was SUPER slippery and so i bought an x-pole after selling the other one and have been happy ever since

  • Trena

    March 30, 2009 at 1:06 am

    Hi Butterflii
    Here’s my pole story!
    A gym near me was offering pole dancing classes and my friend and I decided to do them! We didnt really know what to expect. (I hadnt done my research tsk tsk!!) At the first lesson I couldnt believe how hard it was! It was so much fun though and when I saw what our teacher was able to do I was determined to keep at it!! The classes were for one hour per week for 6 weeks! As soon as the first 6 weeks of lessons was over I signed up for the 2nd set. Unfortunately the gym wouldnt run the class unless they had enough people so I had to wait a few months before the next level. After that 6 week set of lessons was over I signed up for another set of lessons, this time it was to learn a simple pole routine to a song. It was after these lessons that I decided I didnt want to have to wait another couple of months before I got on a pole again so after a lot of searching and waiting I got my x-pole. I loved it and spent a long time perfecting spins and doing my routine. But because I wasnt learning anything new I slackened off and wasnt doing as many work outs as I should have been. Then I went to America for the Summer and left my pole at home. When I got back I was really busy with work and I was rehearsing for a musical so I didnt have a lot of time on the pole. And then there was a leak upstairs and the ceiling of the room where the pole is got soaked and I had to take the pole down for weeks and weeks!!! When the pole was put back up I was determined to do more work outs and to get better. I joined Veena’s fantastic site and it has really motivated me to be better. Everyone here is so nice too!
    Then in January this year my old pole fitness teacher contacted me and told me that she has opened her own studio and she offered me more advanced, cheaper lessons that are ongoing and not in block sets!!! So Im doing those now. I have Veena and everyone here to thank for any progress Ive made since joining here. My teacher is fantastic too of course but being here is great because everyone is so passionate about pole dancing/fitness! They’re so helpful and friendly, not to mention funny and great!!

    Advantages: Im more toned than Ive EVER been!! Ive lost weight. I have more energy. Ive met these fantastic people! Im more self confident. Its so much fun that it doesnt feel like a work out or a chore! The achievements you can make and the things your body can do!!
    Disadvantages: The bruises! (They go away!) The cost of the x-pole. (I look at mine as an investment though beacuse its the BEST piece of fitness equipment Ive ever bought and Ive wasted my money on plenty!) The negative image. (I try my best to ignore it and dont really care what people think of me!)

    Sorry about the long post but this is my pole story!! I hope this helps somehow! (And I hope you havent fallen asleep!!!!)

  • Buterflii

    March 30, 2009 at 4:44 am

    no no no Trena thanks very much–really the more the better when considering a $300 investment, you know?

    LUCKY ME, Andrea from the site msged me and said we DO have classes here!!!
    SO perfect. i called and left a msg already. (thanks)
    i really really hope i can try one this week, because….i already worked out my budget, and CAN finagle a pole this paycheck on Thur…but it would be SO much wiser to wait until I get a class under my short shorts haha

    …err, Andrea/other Milwaukee polers–care to show a new girl your pole for an hour this week???

    thanks for the tip about your finding the platinum poles slippery, u girls are a wealth of information

    so, this spring i had planned on getting $200 rollerblades (same story with them, can’t go cheap, it makes a huge difference)–but I’ll wait until next paycheck, when the weather’s warmer anyway.

    i happen to want and need to get in shape–but i have always wanted to do more ‘extreme’ like-real gymnastic maneuvers–but who teaches a class for people my age??? NO ONE. the one thing that makes me so happy is stretching too.
    more interesting than yoga and pilates, right?

    so, i’ve already gotten some sh*t for it, but the COOL people think its rad
    it will be funny if more people find out i have a pole…if i get one.

    next, i want to see if i can take out my huge ceiling light with big wooden fan…
    i’d rather put it in the bedroom so i can CLOSE THE DOOR and leave it up when visitors come by

    my names Lisa but there are so many lisa’s around i used buterflii


  • Fleur

    March 30, 2009 at 6:19 am

    Here is my story:

    My mother was a professional dancer and dance teacher so I grew up in a dance family. I was a dance major in college and my last year, I was looking up ballet dance videos on youtube. Well, you know that self populated video list on the right hand side that gives you videos you might like based on your search? I saw "Miss Pole Dance Australia 2006" on there and thought "what the heck is THAT?". I have never been to a strip club and had never seen pole dancing before and the only think I could think as I watched this video with my mouth hanging open was: "That is absolutely gorgeous! I want to try THAT"
    I immediately looked up a studio in my area and signed up for an intro workshop. With my dance background I picked it up quickly but besides how fun it was, it was by FAR the best workout I have ever found and lady, I’ve done a lot and have always been in good shape (ballet, jazz, modern, yoga, pilated, turbo kickboxing, step, spinning, love the elliptical, power walking, running. etc etc). I couldn’t feel my arms for 48 hours after!!!
    From that moment on I was hooked, I would go to the play park after hours and swing on the poles there because I craved it so much but couldn’t afford to take classes all the time (poor college student and all). Shortly after that I moved to Colorado where there were no pole studios and I said, that’s it, I have t keep doing this, so I bought my X-pole. I always save my moeny and rarely spend it on anything for myself but this was an easy decision and the best I’ve made. This is a workout i will never tire of, it’s just so fun that you don’t feel like you’re working out!
    I can proudly say that I got my body from 1. my mommy and 2. my POLE. My abs and arms have never looked this good and I’ve always been in good shape.
    Lastly, the thing I find so amazing about pole dancing is that it’s not only an AMAZING workout for women (upper body and core, perfect for fighting osteoporosis) but it is a wonderful confidence boost and celebration of femininity. You might not expect this at first thinking "only skinny hot girls do it" but that isn’t true at all! Women of all shapes and sizes absolutely transform on the pole into these beautiful, strong, sensual creatures! I’ve seen it in my classes! Why? Because it gives us CONFIDENCE! And we all know how attractice confidence is.
    I am a firm believer that pole fitness is not only the best workout but is also wonderful for our self-esteem and body image.


  • Buterflii

    March 30, 2009 at 6:56 am

    wow fleur thanks
    i just sent a vid of you and veena to my 2 male friends who laughed derisively at the overt sexiness when i told them ‘DANCE POLE IN MY HOUSE’ (and my reputation with the boys?
    …so i feel like a rock star visited my post

    my abs have never looked this BAD. age and lack of exercise has finally caught up with me. i used to have 6 pack from nothing but walking up a flight of stairs twice a day

    i’m really jealous and get a bit sad because i ALWAYS wanted to be a dancer…i had a crazy family so that didn’t work out well–but this pole dancing is beautiful–here’s to 2nd and 3rd chances

    i’m supposed to be paying off my credit card like a responsible worker…but would anyone try to stop me from getting my x-pole this week??


  • pole-twista

    March 30, 2009 at 1:20 pm

    lol i wouldnt stop you unless you tried to stop me from buying another pair of dance shoes yes i know i should take care of more important things first but lights are still on so cant be doing too bad need a good pair of clear heels notice i say need i hear you about the abs they used to be alot worse as i have lost alot of weight since ending an unhealthy relationship years back now but boy they sure have along way to go andd I’ll toast to the notion of 2nd nd 3rd chances {raises diet soda..clink.. lol)

  • untamedshrew

    March 30, 2009 at 2:39 pm

    Welcome to poling! It’s the best workout I’ve ever had. I’m 38 and have tried ALOT of different things: rollerblading, yoga, backpacking. I was in the Army, so I’m familiar with tough exercise programs! I started in the fall, and I’m already in the best shape I’ve been in at least 10 years. My progress was slow the first few months because I was in such bad shape; once I got my strength it got more fun and less frustrating. I have a platinum stage in my bedroom, so I work out almost every day, sometimes twice. The stage takes up WAY too much room and is much more expensive than the xpole. Hindsight is 20/20! I originally got the pole as a birthday gift for my husband, ya know spice things up a bit But it has grown into so much more. There are so many different styles of dance and music, and reasons to dance, that every session is different. Did you ever see the movie "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"? Poling has turned me into Sarah Jessica Parker’s character: "I love to dance". I sound so cheesy, but it’s just so true. I’m a pole geek!

  • Fleur

    March 30, 2009 at 6:16 pm

    Hey butterflii,

    Lol, I’m not rockstar! May I ask if you downloaded the video? I would really rather not have it be circulated around, I post to this site because only members can view the vids.

    If your budget doesn’t fit a pole at the moment, try doing some conditioning excercises while waiting another month or two to buy the Xpole? I know Veena has some good strength training moves in her lessons.


  • Buterflii

    March 30, 2009 at 6:55 pm

    fleur, i forgot, i linked to the site, and they’d have to login
    oops, no worries for you

    pole-twista & untamedshrew–thanks. i love to dance anyway, i go to the local house/techno club regularly, so that helps a bit with my exercise.

    i actually have a really cool astrological transit coming up this weekend–it would be nice to start or buy something new this weekend to ‘keep’ that energy, so i’ll probably get the pole
    i do have enough, just i could pay off my credit card instead, and my mom told me i could pay her back next month anyway she doesn’t mind…
    the new age energies now are supposedly doing what gets you really excited, what brings you the most joy, and have fun with your money

    i honestly don’t know how i could tell my coworkers…we’ll await further developments


  • Fleur

    March 30, 2009 at 7:03 pm


    Sounds to me like you’re ready to get your Xpole and join us in the fun!

    for video, you are free to show any of my public youtube ones but they are my less "sexy" ones. Veena has a million and a half amazing videos I’m sure you can link them to

    Join us friday for chat!


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