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  • I just ordered my 2nd pole!!!!!!

    Posted by azriel on October 9, 2009 at 7:20 pm

    I just had to share my excitement with you all! So i had planned on getting a 2nd pole ordered to the States for my trip there in December, and then i was just going to bring it back to greece with me. But yes, i am just sooo darned impatient i couldnt wait to try out a different pole. I have a 50mm chrome Xpole, and i was stuck between getting a 45mm in chrome or TG. Just when i finally decided to get the chrome (so i wont be shocked by too much difference), it turns out the UK is out of them, so i ended up ordering the TG!….wish i had known that before i spent so much time agonizing over which one to get, LOL.

    Anyways i’m sooooo excited, since the girl that lives upstairs has just started poling with me, so now we can jam with each her own pole YAYAYAYAYAYYAYAY! They said it should be here by next friday- i can’t wait!!!

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