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    KT Coates requested that I post this here for you all…..

    International Pole Sports Federation

    About us
    The International Pole Sports Federation was created specifically to work towards gaining entry to the Olympic Games. After a great deal of interest generated by the online petition and Facebook http://www.polesports.org was created using the Olympic Charter as a foundation for the federation. It is dedicated to uniting pole sport athletes of the world and their countries, creating a new technically advanced from of athletic sport using a vertical apparatus, making it accessible to all ages, races and genders.

    The Federation is non-profit organisation dedicated to developing education, judging criteria and standards in Pole Sports. The IPSF is a collection of national federations working together to agree on how the federation should be run and is not any one person, giving everyone the opportunity to have their say on how things should progress.

    Why the Olympics?
    Over the years pole dancing has moved in many different directions with different genres of pole- fitness, gymnastic, dance, erotic and empowering – which has seen original and inspiring styles for all of those who participate, giving participants the choice to select styles they prefer. The IPSF celebrates and respects all forms of pole, but feels that taking pole to another level of acceptance would be best suited with the tried and tested methods of IOC. We feel that an organisation with strict guidelines and a formal committee would be better recognised as a serious contender for the world’s greatest sporting event and we believe that Pole Sports has a place amongst the gymnastic events of the Olympic Games.

    We feel that by taking Pole Sports to the Olympics we are helping to spread the physical and mental benefits of this wonderful form of gymnastics, creating a new breed of athletes and helping to keep pole sports alive for generations to come.

    What better competition to be part of!

    How we will do this
    We have created a formal constitution, bylaws and a world congress by the people of Pole Sports for the people of Poles Sport. A dedicated committee of volunteers will vote on policies such as names of moves, judging criteria, safety, medical, accreditations and much more.

    We will then create national and international competitions for men, women, single, tandem and team events. All events will have strict criteria and judges will be trained so that there is continuity in judging

    We currently have a President, Tim Trautman (USA), and Executive Vice-President, KT Coates (UK) but we need you!
    We are now looking for the following from any country:
    Secretary General
    Eight Committee Chairs and three committee members for each committee – Technical, safety, accreditation, medical, ethics, marketing, athletics
    Six Regional Vice-President Chairs
    Two elite athletes – Champions that represent the athletic experience.

    Those who can offer even the minimal amount of support but not commit to a position are also welcome. If you wish to have your say you need to be part of the organisation. Help us create a new athletic sport and be part of pole sports history!

    Please visit http://www.polesports.org and apply for a position today.

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  • amy

    June 10, 2010 at 2:21 pm

    veena, do you have any more information on this? it sounds interesting but i’m not familiar with Tim Trautman…. in the US, the PFA is reaching towards the same goals, and has the board of directors all filled and squared away already, do you know if there’s any plan for the two organizations to join forces in this?

  • Veena

    June 10, 2010 at 4:07 pm

    No, I’m sorry I don’t. KT just emailed me on Facebook and asked me to post this. I let her know she was welcome to post it herself but she wanted me to. I’m not sure how or where you would get more info https://www.studioveena.com/img/smilies/icon_scratch.gif

  • EVamp83

    June 10, 2010 at 6:39 pm

    More information on Tim Trautman is available on http://www.polesports.org/Leadership.html
    I’ve been browsing the site (http://www.polesports.org), and there is a bit more info on there, although most parts still seem to be under construction

  • amy

    June 10, 2010 at 6:56 pm

    umm this is weird. from tim’s bio:

    • Owner, Treasurer, Secretary of Studio Soiree pole fitness (http://www.studiosoiree.com" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;), Salt Lake City, UT, USA
    • Technical Writer, Research Department, George E. Wahlen Medical Center, Department of Veterans Affairs, Salt Lake City, UT, USA
    • Former Owner, Treasurer, and Secretary of the Pole Fitness Association – PFA (polefitnessassociation.com), Salt Lake City, UT, USA

    and this:

    The IPSF was born out of the Pole Fitness Association’s (PFA) Olympic Committee which was charged with determining how to get Pole Sports into the Olympics.

    so it sounds like the IPSF is a spinoff of the PFA just for the olympic approval? or something??? https://www.studioveena.com/img/smilies/icon_scratch.gif https://www.studioveena.com/img/smilies/icon_scratch.gif

  • Veena

    June 10, 2010 at 7:24 pm

    I know nothing about either of these soooo…. https://www.studioveena.com/img/smilies/icon_scratch.gif https://www.studioveena.com/img/smilies/icon_scratch.gif I was just asked to post. It is interesting tho….Maybe someone will clear it all up for us. https://www.studioveena.com/img/smilies/icon_flower.gif

  • Mary Ellyn

    June 10, 2010 at 7:47 pm

    I can clarify a little bit…

    Yes, Tim is a board member of the PFA and co-owner of Studio Soiree. He is the business side of Studio Soiree. I met him at the Pole Convention and he is a very intelligent and organized person.

    Inspired by KT’s works, the PFA started an Olympic committee to investigate and develop a plan to promote pole dancing in the Olympics.

    I don’t recall the exact reason why but they realized that they needed to split the Olympic promotion from the PFA – some sort of business/legal decision that the two should be separated.

    Of course KT is still involved and is the VP of the IPSF…stil the "face" of the Olympic bid.

    They are still in the very early stages of development but they are taking it very seriously therefore, working slowly and carefully…at least as slow as needed, not rushing into anything. TIm has done a lot of research and background work on how to make this bid. If I am correct he wrote the constitution and bylaws which you can read here:

    It was developed based on research he did on how to organize and present a sport to the Olympic Committee.

    They are now in the process of taking applications for the Pole Sports board and committee which if anyone is interested in applying is here: http://www.polefitnessassociation.com/IPSF/CommitteeApplication.html

    They are not trying to get sensual pole dancing into the Olympics….I am not speaking for them but it is my impression that they are looking to organize a different form of pole in the Olympics…which may include a LOT of the styles currently used but not related to sensual dance in any way. They may even call it by a different name.

  • Veena

    June 10, 2010 at 8:09 pm

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