• Posted by branquinha on February 22, 2009 at 1:38 am


    I’m back on the pole after more than 2 years off – having had practices on and off for about 10 months and then a pole for about half a year … Me and my pole are now reunited and I am happy about it. I was pretty rusty and frustrated when I started poling again earlier this January, but I’ve been making some progress.

    I was inspired to join this forum by watching so many good videos on youtube and finding this community seemed to be very suportive.

    I’m living in Brazil at the moment, so classes are not abundant, so I think I’ve reached a ‘plateau’ in development terms, so I am hoping to gain something from this! I can do everything I did before apart from the shoulder mount for some reason (knees, aysha, hip hold, superman, butterfly etc etc). Moreover, I cannot seem to overcome the fear of the handspring and its variations or the split grip straight edge.



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