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    Posted by Wanda G on August 5, 2009 at 6:31 am

    so today my pole arrived yay! i waited for this moment for months and finally she came!
    why did i wait so long? why didnt i order it right away? The day i fell in love with the pole was when i typed pole dancing into youtube just out of curiosity (because my roomate made jokes about buying a stripper pole which she never did) and so i clicked on tarakarinas video and i was in awe at what i saw i was like omg so this is poledancing?! its such a beautiful form of art!! and so for months i was daydreaming about me poling but i never had the guts to really try it out because i knew for a fact that i suck at dancing. the only dance class i ever took was basic 1 ballet and i sucked i have like no balance and no coordination. Plus my parents are very conservative and critical and they dont dance therefore i dont dance. however recently i took my friend’s advice and started practicing just dancing for fun in front of the mirror and realized that my hip rolls and booty grinds are actually not bad. so the problem with me was not me sucking but the type of dance i guess ballet isnt for me but it did teach me how to point my toes right? So i decided to go for it and buy the pole. and finally my dream came true! im going to be a pole dancer! yay! i always loved watching ppl dance and wished that could be me and now its happening!
    the only problem is that my parents made it clear they dont want the pole in their house so right now my pole is in the backseat of my car just begging to be assembled and so i guess for the rest of this month the pole will be traveling with me from house to house until i get my own place or live on campus sometime next month

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  • amcut

    August 5, 2009 at 3:51 pm



    I’m sorry you can’t assemble the pole in your parent’s house. I, personally, believe that’s kind of -lame-, mom and dad who never danced! Thank god family is family, otherwise we’d definitely have to beat them.

    Congratulations on your pole, though! You should go assemble at a friend’s house just for a few hours and get a little practice in!

  • Poleluver

    August 5, 2009 at 4:37 pm

    My mom went to my pole bachelorett party and even did a few turns but before me being 28 at the time and they way we age my mom would NEVER of let me either. We also grew up strict.
    My mom has changed over the years. Used to only buy us white cotton underwear but now every gift is VS underwear. She enjoyed herself at the party and took the pics, after ward she even noticed the dancing difference between my sis and I . " You’re curvy and sexy. She’s athletic and flexable ( already trying to invert first experience)" She knows about my pole in my house but my dad and I never talk about pole dancing and NO ONE but my sis actually knows that after that a week after the party we went to a strip/ pole club just so I can see more done in real life.
    It seems we all have somthings we have to hold back and maybe our parents don’t want to know even if we aer adults.

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