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    Posted by Foxy_Rei on March 10, 2009 at 3:31 am

    Greetings! I’m Jacquine ("Jack-win", or just Jacq…) from the Southern Tier of New York. I’m 22 and new to pole dancing – I actually just started last week. I’ve been raiding YouTube for videos to learn from and thanks to TaraKarina’s info there, I found this site.

    Right now, I’m using a crappy "Electra-pole". It’s screwed fast to the ceiling and floor and won’t be going anywhere, but it’s still flimsy. I’m broke and can’t afford an X-Pole right now (unless anyone knows where I could get one for maybe $100 or less). We also live in a mobile home at the moment and our ceilings are only 7′ high, so we had fun making the darn thing fit…

    Even though I just started a week ago, I can already do almost all of the basic spins that I could find videos of, and I can do them both left and right handed pretty much equally (except the open V… still working on the abs to do that…). I can get myself up into the basic kick-up invert, but I can’t hold myself up with just my legs yet. I’m trying to not get too fancy and rush myself, because that’s the formula for pain, so I’m really just trying to find different ways of holding myself up on the pole to build the strength. I’m also very poor at doing transitions and the real "dancing" kind of stuff. So hopefully I’ll find plenty of tips to help me out here.

    And also random notes about myself: I have a 16-month-old daughter, and I’m a newlywed (married on October 4th). I come from a small-town type of atmosphere where pole dancing automatically means stripping.*rolls eyes* I work as a Dietary Aide at a nursing home (fancy name for someone who washes dishes), but I’m hoping to go back to school and finish my degree to be a high school Spanish teacher. I have a corny sense of humor, am easily amused, and like to be optimistic and random.

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