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    Posted by sugardiva on October 20, 2009 at 2:11 pm

    Yes ladies… I’ve made it to "Level 6"! The studio I work out in has 6 levels, and my group is the very first to graduate since they opened last November! YAY ME!! From there, we’re "Queen Divas", and can move on to learn "master’s level" skills on the pole.

    Here’s my delimma… For "graduation" in December, we have to pick our own music and choreograph our own routines. I’ve got my music picked, but I’m TERRIBLE with choreography! I can learn it, but I’m not very good at coming up with it on my own. I need some ideas at least to get me going and was hoping you all could help me out? I’m a little overwhelmed right now and could use some ideas…

    I’m dancing to Foo Fighter’s "Darling Nikki" (and open for costume ideas too!)

    I was thinking of some great floor work to start off with and then when the music switches to "When I saw little Nikki grind…" it gets a little faster, hit the pole with a bang of a power spin of some sort (maybe a flying body spiral?)

    I’m not very good at handsprings… my balance isn’t very good to hold on my own, but I can hook my foot on the pole and "fake it"… To make matters worse, I got hurt at work, and my right wrist (dominant) got hurt. I’m being referred to an orthopedic surgeon to see if I’ve torn any cartilage! I can move it… its not swollen, but every once in a while, it feels like there’s something cutting into my wrist. For now, I’m just wearing a brace.

    Any ideas??

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  • SissyBuns

    October 20, 2009 at 3:12 pm

    I think you need to worry about that wrist first and make sure it’s good to go before you go twirling around and hurt yourself!

    But, if you’re good to go….then I would get a mental picture of what you want to do first. It looks like you’re already do that so the next thing is to practice it and get it all figured out step by step. You have plenty of time to make up a dance so find the fun in it. Do moves that you’re comfortable with in the routine so it will be all fun and you won’t be a ball of nerves worried about nailing moves you’re not 100% comfy with.

    Remember to have fun fun fun! This is such a cool thing that your studio does, I wish I could see you all perform!

    Perhaps you can tape it for us? Damn, I’m excited for you now. LOL

  • sugardiva

    October 20, 2009 at 4:49 pm

    Thanks, Sissy!
    I’m excited too! I took it as a compliment when one of the girls in my class said I wasn’t allowed to perform first… "Then we’d all have to live up to her standard!" I’m not all THAT… but I’m looking forward to everyone’s routines! we all have a great time together!

    Any suggestions are welcome!! I’m hoping my hubby will tape it for me… husbands are coming to watch, but I’m not sure about other audience yet… not everyone may be comfortable with opening it up to a larger audience.

  • yogabeachbabe

    October 20, 2009 at 5:57 pm

    Congratulations! That’s so awesome! Level 6 is a big accomplishment. That’s great that you and your class have gone through all those levels together! The performance sounds like a lot of fun.

    I choreograph A LOT these days and find that the best way for me is to listen and listen to the music before even moving my body. Then I start picturing different moves in my head. Only then do I actually get up and try them out. Is the performance just for fun or is this an exam type event? I agree with Sissy about making sure your wrist is completely healed before whipping out those killer moves. Probably the best advice I had been given is to set up a routine just like playing pool: make sure you’re set up for the next trick/move. There’s nothing more disappointing than watch a great pole trickster perform amazing moves and then watch her bumble with transitions–you know what I mean? I don’t know the song you’re talking about but I think you’re already on the right track with the floor work and then the possible flying body spiral (such a WOW move!). Keep us posted on how you’re doing!

  • sugardiva

    October 20, 2009 at 6:55 pm

    All such great advice… that’s why I love you girls so much!

    My other problem is, my pole at home is WICKED slick. Not like the poles in the studio… I feel like I can do ANYthing in the studio, then I come home and try just simple spins and wind up hitting the floor with a THUD because the pole is too slick. I was thinking about getting a pair of workout gloves just to help with grip for that reason (I don’t have a spinner). Mighty Grip helps, but I have to keep putting it on, and on, and on….

  • joni1

    October 20, 2009 at 8:12 pm

    Sugardiva, You should order a pair of pole dancing glove to help with your grip. Mighty grip came out with 2 versions that are amazing.One is the super tacky grip which has a PVC type of material for a super tight grip for spinning pole as well as great for practicing advance moves that needs a very good grip like straight edge from cartwheel mounts. It helps strengthen your muscles with a tight grip while learning those moves. The second glove is for static poles giving a great grip while allowing you to still spin smoothly.It’s about $15.00 us at mighty Take care of your wrist. Hope its better soon.

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