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    Posted by Foxy_Rei on February 23, 2010 at 8:42 pm

    I have one of the original top-loading X-Poles, and have extremely low ceilings – 7′, as some of you already know. I had to buy the 750mm extension to use in place of the standard lower pole, as well as use the shorter of the 2 smaller extensions that comes with the standard kit. But, I ended up having several inches of the adjuster screw showing and using the cover piece made even less usable pole. Very annoying when every inch counts with such low ceilings.

    Good news: I ordered the 100mm (4") extension, and it came today! So now all but 3/4" of my pole is usable pole.

    Bad news: It BARELY fits. I had to wind the entire adjuster screw into the pole, take off the locking nut, put the pole up and lean it sideways to screw it together because there wasn’t even enough room to get the pieces above one another to screw them together. But once it was up, I had to use a wrench to tighten the pole in place and it’s sturdy.

    I also want to add that what I think are the ball bearings? in the dome (the section that the adjuster screw slides into – look like rings around the top of the adjuster screw, whatever they are) started to slide out of the dome when I lifted it up to press it against the ceiling. I hope that doesn’t cause any more problems… But I bought my pole at the end of March/beginning of April last year, would it still be under warranty? (and hopefully I kept the paperwork somewhere…)

    Since I had to take the locking nut off to get that precious last half-inch so I could even get the pole to stand up, now I have no locking nut on the pole. Is that safe? I’ve heard of some people going without realizing they even had a locking nut on there, and some people having their pole come unscrewed even with using it. I know the "official" verdict is that you should use it, but in all practicality, will I be ok? (given that I frequently make sure that it’s still tight)

    Here’s a pic of the final result:

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