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  • Getting Ready – Have some Questions

    Posted by MommaBear on April 16, 2010 at 12:02 pm

    I ordered the X-Pert X-Pole, hoping to get my tracking info today.

    I’m mentally prepping for the fun that is sure to ensue, so here are some things I have been pondering:

    1. Pole with or without shoes? I am totally realizing that "pointing" is essential! My feet, however, disagree. I have been pointing away throughout the day to get used to the feeling, and OWWW! I keep getting foot cramps. I am thinking that wearing a good pair of heels will help my feet to "point" on their own. Any thoughts? Also, my hubby calls ’em "Flinstone feet" cause I have wide feet – any particular brand of shoe with a little more give for my fat feet?

    2. Instructional DVD? I am unable to use the online lessons cause my pole and computer are in two different rooms. I have concluded that Jamilla Deville’s – The Art of Pole comes highly recommended, but now there is the matter of getting my hubby to shell out another $100.00 Any other recommendations for the time being? Checked the library catalog, and unfortunately, they do not carry anything On a sidenote, does Jamilla’s DVD show the moves on static and spinny (or is that moot since the move is the same regardless?)

    3. Does my belly have to be exposed? Not a fan of the tummy, do my sides have to be exposed for "sticking purposes", or is that for later in the game when things get more advanced?

    4. Kids? I’ve read through the Mommy and Daddy section and came to the realization that I shouldn’t "hide" this from the kids like a dirty secret. So, I have pulled some vids that show them what it is all about and the athletics required (compared it to ballet and gymnastics). I explained that the reason that some of the girls are "in their underwear" is because skin contact with the pole is a part of them being able to do the moves. As far as the heels, I explained that as – how ballerinas wear special shoes, sometimes pole dancers do too – it gives them the ability to go higher on the pole and helps to point their feet.

    So, they now know what the pole is going to be here for and I am wondering what ground rules I should establish? For the most part, this will only be up while they are at school, although they seem just as excited as me and have asked if we can just leave it up all the time I figure letting them satisfy their curiosity would be good, any other thoughts, recommendations or things I have overlooked?

    Thanks girls! Can’t wait to be a poler!!!!!

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  • chemgoddess1

    April 16, 2010 at 2:50 pm

    1. Pole without shoes. Once you are comfortable with a move then try it with shoes on. No need to add the instability of heels into this from the get go.

    2. You can get Sheila Kelly’s S Factor book from CCPL. While a good portion of it is stretches there are some basic pole moves. It is kind of weird to read and figure out the moves though.

    3. Belly does not need to be exposed until you are doing inverts, and not even all inverts.

    4. Let the kids play on it but beware, they are fearless and will be able to bust out moves that you could not even imagine! If it is not in the way leave it up. It is way too easy to put off poling if you have to clean the area or put up and take the pole down each time.

  • tiggertail

    April 17, 2010 at 1:11 pm

    I think you got a good start, i’m just a beginner but I will give you my opinion.

    For the shoe I wear my running shoes or my boots that have good solid heels, i’m not a the point where I feel confortable with the idea of very sexy shoes. So go as you feel it and even if it help a little with pointing toes you’re gonna have to think of doing it by yourself.

    For the belly you can wear a T-shirt and show more skin only when you need to.

    And finally the mommy part of your question, I have 2 boys (almost) 3 and 6 and they love my pole. I had to explain to the oldest one to not talk about mamma’s pole at school, had to explain why But I think the whole family is pretty ok with the pole, my mom even think it’s cool to have it in the living room (the boy’s playroom) So they play with it, turn around and try to lift themself from the floor They know that they have to be carefull and push away all the toys before. As a mom you know what’s good or bad for your kids, if you’re worry they might get hurt or broke something you sould take it down or teach them they should only try doing crazy stuff when mommy is watching and place some pillow on the floor. Veena have a nice video on Utube with the boys

    Good luck and have fun with your pole

  • polergirl

    April 17, 2010 at 4:21 pm

    I would pole barefoot until you’re comfortable and stable with a move–those shoes can have you rolling an ankle in a big hurry otherwise! But if you’re solid on a move, you’ll be solid with shoes (well, unless you’re me with inverts…it took me a while to get my muscle memory used to a much longer leg and foot, lol).

    The Jamilla DVDs are awesome, and she is, IMO, a master at breaking moves down. Like chemgoddess said, there are books out there but it’s weird to read and try to emulate. I think lessons (whether Veena’s online or in a studio) are the best option, but if you absolutely can’t, the Art of Pole DVDs are a good second.

    I pole in a cami and only roll it up when I need side or belly skin. You probably won’t need those for a while! So just wear something you’re comfortable in, and that you can move well in.

    As for the kid question, I can’t say anything about that. No kids for this girl.

  • 2dyzzi

    April 18, 2010 at 12:28 am

    Even though I have a laptop, I find myself watching Veena’s lessons in my living room, and then running down to the basement to try the move a few times. She breaks them down nicely, and they’re mostly so short that if you watch them 2 or 3 times, its not a problem to leave the room and go give it a try yourself. I don’t think it would be necessary to have computer next to pole – at least in the beginning.

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