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  • Foxy Rei is back on the pole!

    Posted by Foxy_Rei on September 7, 2009 at 2:43 am

    Hey all! I posted full details in my blog here, but after like 2 months of being off the pole and the forums, I’m back on both. I did a short practice tonight, not wanting to overdo it, of course. I ended up doing probably a lot more than I should have, but it felt great being back up there.

    My life has been crazy, but I’m drawing the line at work and am saying no to the extra hours. I did a total of 3 months of overtime every week, and it’s been 2 weeks since I finally stopped. They’ve still called me on every one of my days off, but I haven’t been answering the phone. As far as the drama with my co-workers, I’ve just been avoiding talking to them about personal stuff. My profiles on Facebook and MySpace will continue to be short and very guarded and private, so my apologies to all my pole buddies that were deleted… And it’s no offense to you at all, but I’d like to keep it that way. I’ve trimmed my "friends" lists down so it’s strictly people that I know in person and know fairly well.

    There’s going to be more major changes in my life coming up soon… This spring is going to be very much life-altering (if everything works out as planned). I’m not saying what until then, though. But this winter will hold lots of planning and waiting.

    But I plan on keeping poling in the picture, but probably not quite as much as I used to. Before I was poling almost every night, but the rest of my life was out of balance (family, housework, etc.) so I need to get my time organized better. I knew I would come back to poling – in fact, I never took my pole down this whole time. I left it up… and actually felt a twinge of guilt every time I walked by it.

    So anyway, I’m back. I’ll probably keep a low profile until I get caught up on reading posts and finding out what went on during my absence, but I’ll be here. Thanks to the 2 people that sent me messages wondering where I was, it was nice knowing I was missed.

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