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    Posted by babymaddy_2007 on July 18, 2009 at 1:18 am

    I FINALLY went to my first pole class today! Despite it was an hour and a half drive it was awesome! There was me, the instructor and one other girl, so pretty much a private lesson for the price of a group class!!! wooohooo! The instructor said my spins are really good, just have to work pointing my toes!!!! We did a bunch of floor work, and I am def going to be sore tomorrow after taht! But it was fun! The instructor said I can do the floor work well, but she said that she can tell im uncomfortable! Just because Im not really comfy in this new post baby body! She said once I get some self confidence i will do excellent! So I can wait to go back next week! I think as of right now, im going to stick to one class a week just so i dont overwhelm my body!!! But I will be take prolly 2 classes a week plus my at home pole work!I am sooo excited! I was really nervous about it, but it ended up being a blast and gave me a great work out!!! I was a sweaty mess I also wanted to wrrite about this poster thing she had hanging in the studio! It said that on average for a one hour including warmup, floorwork, pole work, freestyle and then cool down the average person burns about 600 calories!! WOOOHOOO!!!!! LOL

    Also on other news, I lost another 2 pounds, down to 169.0 from 175 when i started this 4 weeks ago!!! Im so excited 14 pounds to meet my goal weight!! wooooo

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