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    Posted by Miccalicious on April 3, 2010 at 5:06 am

    So I’ve had this "Studio Venna" email popping up in my hotmail account for so long and since changing emails, completly forgot. I’m new to pole, not new to the whole bloggin or writing thing. I always have to write my feelings, thoughts at least a few times a week. Helps me stay focused on my goals and helps me deal with things by writing them down. I write in note books mostly but an occasional forum will do! Hopefully this forum will help me find friends with similar interests, and most importantly help me along with my little "infatuation" with pole. Along with all my other fitness goals .. and the story begins…..

    Basically … I have always loved dancing. Starting with jazz/ballet from age 5-12. I loved Dance class and performing at the Winnipeg Concert Hall every single year. I did this for countless years, giving up sleepovers and birthday parties because of a Saturday morning class. I always stayed at grandmas for dance since my classes were in tcona. And I and all my friends living in osv.I gave that up because it was Saturday mornings. I always regretted it but I wanted something new. I;m always craving new knowledge, and have a short attention span, but focus enough and I can accomplish anything! And little did I know then that Saturday mornings were always going to need to be off in my lifestyle!! I quit dancing for scouts canada. And so did all my girl friends from school. There I learned so many new things and had so many positive experiences. (Which I also had in countless years of dance). I did cubs to scouts to ventures. I Think about five years or so.( ? perhaps) I connected with so many people that i’ll have life long friendships with. Its an amazing experience! . So my Saturday mornings consisted of meeting up in brown shirts raising money for trees, or of countless memorible camping trips. … I hope my "Pole dancing" will as well!

    Now pole? I honestly have always been a party girl and loved to dance. Going to the clubs dancing and having fun with my friends is always a fun thing to do. You can bust a move and its just so fun! I almost feel like since I’m an adult now 18, going out dancing is the only chance I get to dance other then just by my self in my basement! I feel like I need something more, new moves? new styles? just something Im always craving that next thing that I can add and mix in with all my "Miccalicious" as I like to call it and keep moving forward with my life in dancing and positive growing experiences. Dancing, scouts, rugby, baseball to name a few…

    So my dance has evolved to some form of burlesque/club/booty shaking/hip hop/party sort of style I guess I would call it. Just through out growing up just what I was exposed to I wanted to be like Britney Spears or Christina Augulaira. I mean dancing ballet on saturday mornings turned into dancing at the club on a friday or dancing at a house party. Im not the greatest dancer, I know that. I’ve seen all the shows on tv now. And im no where as good as those people or even my friends. But I dance to have FUN!! not to be good at anything. But Pole is different, its something new I can try ( my best friend is also going to be taking lessons with me) and just have FUN!!

    So yes pole? once again, you’ll come to learn I have a tendancy to ramble on and on and never really get to the point! Pole is sexy, i’ve been to strip clubs and I love them! Now im not into seeing girls touch them selfs and all that ewwie goodness. note: must write about first stripper experiance! but the moves, the strength to do those things. The fun ness. <- not a word haha! Even just the rush of feeling sexy dancing in your heels is good pole just looks like a natural progressing for me in my dancing…( not that i plan to go work at the strip club anytime soon ).

    SO oooososo!! HAHA recently I’ve just been playing around at clubs and bars on poles just for fun when im busting a move with my girlfriends. I practise yoga and hit the gym when i can ( been slacking this past week not gunna lie) but I have been going out for jogs, not to long since my cardio is not too fantastic from gym exercising to out door running, its much harder on the lungs! Reminds me of rugby which i’ll be hopefully getting back into as well! Hoping adding pole to my routine will help me tone up. I know I have a long ways to go till I’ll ever be satisfied with my body. But hopefully this blogging, this website, this pole, and this year can be that year for me. Who knows but I just have to keep trying! ahhh.

    So I start my classes April 22. note: write about how I chose my class/ my studio. DO YOUR RESEARCH. I didn’t want to spend $$$ to be in a class that you can’t advance in. I’m starting on pole 1 obviously. Also I wanted a place where I was guaranteed my own pole. Its already a 1 hour class only once a week. I want to be on that pole with a teacher available to me the whole time. I want to learn! I’ve emailed all the studios and only one studio emailed me back!! Can you believe it. If a client is emailing you you answer questions, more likely Ill spend my cash there. You wouldn’t go buy a TV with out looking around for prices, information, etc. COMPARING. Then I started emailing with the studio teacher who always answers quickly and personally which makes me feel very comfortable because she is always answering my questions and always updating my when the new classes start and such. Its been a hassle signing up cause the date is always changing but hopefully this time its April 22! She answered all my questions, including my favorite question.. Why choose your studio compared to the others in the city?…

    So there is my short ramble. My first post…. Hope people will follow my adventure, this is the beginning you never know where I may end up, so be on my side cause I promise it will be a fun ride!! Quick Facts:
    18, Manitoba, Canada eh?

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  • pink_zombie

    April 3, 2010 at 1:25 pm

    ya theres only 2 studios here, divas and studio in the exchange..

    glad to see someone from winnipeg, hope you enjoy your classes.

    I have been to divas, was too disorganized once you get to the higher levels… oh and to boot. the studios here in winnipeg do not own actual poles, they are just steel poles, so they are slippery which blows LOL..

  • Miccalicious

    April 3, 2010 at 6:14 pm

    yeah I noticed the disorganization in divas already, its taking forever just to start up… ugh.
    thats a bummer about the poles, oh well I hope to go just to get a taste and get my own pole, well see how it goes! not like winnipeg is the best place for pole dancing since 95% of the strippers here lack any sort of pole skill and just lazy dog it around the stage. I’ll keep posted on the classes should be interested I havent taken a dance class since i was like 12!! A little nervous…

  • pink_zombie

    April 3, 2010 at 6:29 pm

    well the first few classes are ok, as divas has their 3 levels pretty organized, and you are just spinning on the poles, but man when i tried to sit on the pole. it was hard haha.. but i think if you can do it on a slippery steel pole you can do it on anything lol…

    well you can buy poles off here.. but buy a new xpert xpole they are great.. no ladder..

    well if your ever free i always like having people here to practice with..

    but youll see the difference if you have tried a pole compared to the steel poles..

    but the first few levels at divas are fun, the girls are great, usually the owner teaches them.. so its fun.

  • Miccalicious

    April 4, 2010 at 8:35 am

    kay awesome, well I’ll for sure do at least the first three. I’m worried about getting my own pole now, my ceiling isn’t very high, something like 7’2.. im 5’6… plus heels? erg… well at least ill get some good learning at divas and the owner seems super nice!! And yeah once I get going a pole session is a good plan, you can teach me some stuff!

  • pink_zombie

    April 4, 2010 at 2:16 pm

    well im pretty rusty haha havent had time in a few years..

    well my 2nd floor is only 7 1/2 feet. but i have carpet so i rarly use heels if doing things, my main floor is higher. but less space around, so i move the pole where i need it lol. but it think a lot of people struggle with either or..

    i just didnt keep going at divas because once i started learn inverts etc, it was sketchy and i kept slipping off the pole lol. but ya the owner and the girls are super nice youll enjoy it. It is a great stepping stone, and you can see if you really like it then buy a pole, at least with the xpert poles, they are removable, so if you dont have a lot of room just take it out once your done, and put it away.. its super handy when i lived in apartments.

  • Veena

    April 4, 2010 at 3:08 pm
  • Miccalicious

    April 4, 2010 at 8:50 pm

    ugh yeah well I almost have enough money set away for the pole, I think Ill still get it. A pole in my basement is better then no pole at all right.. lol. they are removable… humm this is giving me ideas!!!.. thanks for the welcomes everyone!!

  • pink_zombie

    April 4, 2010 at 8:58 pm

    ya.. but get the xpert pole.. its bottom loading.. much easier. You will have to get it from the states,, or off of here not sure what veena all has on this site, but i know the site does not have them on the canada one.. just the older top loading xpoles..

  • Miccalicious

    April 5, 2010 at 1:22 am

    dang oh well i guess i’ll have to order it from the states… whats the difference between? Is the bottom loading one better then the other. Ugh decisions decisions! So many questions. I’m thinking titanium, i just like the gold color!! why do Canadian things never have quite the connivance and availability to everything like the states, ugh!!!

  • PoleDanceABCs

    April 6, 2010 at 1:44 pm

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